The African Dwarf Kingfisher

If you are Planning a Uganda Birding Safari. Then plan to enjoy the African Dwarf Kingfisher.

In this section of the Uganda Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about African Dwarf Kingfishers that can help you enjoy your Bird watching tour to Africa.

You will find:

Interesting Facts about the African Dwarf Kingfisher (Ispidina lecontei)

King fishers are essentially dark blue small birds that are found in many forests around Uganda but you will commonly see them in Budongo forest.

They usually inhabit lowland forest from 700-1400m.

The African dwarf king fisher just like its name suggest, it’s the smallest among other species of Africa’s king fishers.

You will easily identify them by their high pitched whistle sisi-sisiseu-sisisi…… which is quite different vocal from the other king fishers.

Characteristics of African Dwarf Kingfisher

They are about 10cm in height and all the sexes are alike.

The adult birds are essentially blue with a rufous crown and black forehead and a paler belly with dark legs while the immature ones are duller with a black crown and a shorter black and reddish bill, dark scaling on the cheeks and breast.

In their habitats

You will be able to find them either single or in pairs.

They prefer to keep low in the gloom of undergrowth.

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