The Pink-backed Pelican

Planning a Uganda Birding Safari...? Don't miss the Pink-backed Pelican.

The information about Pink-backed Pelicans in this section of the Birding Safari guide will help get the most out of your Bird watching tour to Africa.

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Characteristics of the Pink-backed Pelican

The pink-backed pelican is smaller measuring around 146 cm and duller than the great white pelican with a predominantly grey body and usually a pink bill pouch and has a crest.

The crest is small and pointed giving its head a peaked look.

These Uganda birds are usually silent but while in their colonies they maintain a constant guttural croaking.

The breeding adult birds develop yellow pouch and brighter pink-yellow facial skin.

The immature birds have grey-brown head and back.

Lifestyle of the Pink-backed Pelican in Uganda

In their habitats they can be seen in singles, pairs or small groups on the small lakes ponds or swamps.

They feed almost entirely on fish and they hunt by forming a semi- circle around the prey while driving it to the shallow waters for easy catch.

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