The Black Bee Eater

If you are Planning a Uganda Birding Safari. Then plan to enjoy the Black Bee Eater.

In this section of the Uganda Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about Black Bee Eaters that could help you enjoy your Bird watching tour to Africa.

You will find information about:

Where to find the Black Bee Eater (Merops gularis)

The Black bee Eater is one of the dark forest-dependent bee-eaters.

Merops gularis is a stunning scarlet-throated black and turquoise bee eater.

You will find this bird in the western part of the Pearl of Africa in places like Bwindi or the riparian woodland along Chambura and Ishasha rivers.

The Black Bee Eater is among the 12 most sought after bee-eaters in Uganda.

If you want to make the Black Bee Eater one of the birds you want in your list to watch when you are in Uganda, you won’t go wrong because its really one of those beautiful birds around.

Characteristics of The Black Bee Eater

The Black Bee Eater is around 20cm in height and sexes are similar.

This bird has a distinctive blue-black color and scarlet throat with brilliant turquoise-blue streaks across the lower breast; the wings and back are black.

The immature bird is dull and lacks the scarlet throat.

In their habitat

Black Bee Eaters are shy and they confide in the forest.

Their flights are from perches at all level but are usually high in the canopy.

You will normally find them solitary but you be lucky at times to find these birds in pairs or in small flocks.

Black Bee Eaters have very high pitched sounds of siit sit siit p’sit p’sit seet.

What a classical music lyric and an orchestra to listen to when you are near their area!!

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