The Black and White Shrike-Flycatcher

If you are Planning a Uganda Birding Safari. Then plan to enjoy the Black and White Shrike-Flycatcher.

In this section of the Uganda Birding Safari Guide we share with you information about Black and White Shrike-Flycatchers birds that can help you enjoy your Bird watching tour to Africa.

You will find information about:

Where to find the Black and White Shrike-Flycatcher (Bias musicus)

The Black and White Shrike-Flycatcher is an amazing small bird common in most parts of Uganda.

You will be able to watch these birds if you visit Entebbe Botanical Garden or Gardens within Kampala.

The Black And White Shrike-Flycatcher makes amazing circular display flights from treetops.

Its characteristics

The Black And White Shrike-Flycatcher is around 13cm long.

The adult male is a stocky black and white bird with a short tail.

The male has a crested head with beaming creamy-yellow eyes.

It displays large white patches in the wings during flight.

The adult female is rufous above with a blackish-brown head and whitish washed pale rufous below.

In their habitat……

Black and White Shrike-Flycatcher are usually in pairs but you will also see them in singles and

You will find most of these birds in the open higher canopy.

The Black and White Shrike-Flycatchers have explosive vocals which are loud and strident pit-chew pit-chew, pit -chew pit-chew.

Don’t miss viewing the amazing slow circular display flights these birds portray when you visit Entebbe Botanical Garden while you are in Uganda.

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