Plan for more than just hiking at Mount Elgon National Park

Plan to visit Sipi falls if you are not in a serious hiking mood at Mount Elgon National Park.

You will enjoy viewing Sipi river as it cascades down the foothills to form a series of four pretty waterfalls which culminate into a 99 meter drop.

Sipi Falls on Mount Elgon

In this travel guide we share with you some tips and information to help you plan an exciting Uganda tour to Mount Elgon National Park, even when hiking is not the thing!

You will find


The Sipi River rises on the upper slopes of Mount Elgon before cascading down the foothills over 7km to form a series of four pretty waterfalls culminating in a 99m drop at an altitude of 1,775m outside the small trading centre of Sipi, 60km from Mbale by road.

Surrounding the hills while on a day’s walk, you are likely to have the spectacular views of the Kyoga Basin and glimpse of the nearby Elgon peaks.

The most popular trail which is around 20 minutes in each direction leads from Sipi trading centre to the base of the main waterfall.

A small amount of fee is charged for entrance. Continuing on this trail for another 20-30 min you will reach a cluster of caves on the cliff above the river. The largest of these caves extends for about 125m into the rock face and this contains rich mineral deposits.

As you walk back from the caves to the trading centre along the main road, you will pass the top of the main waterfall as well as an important local shrine set within a small forest-fringed cavern. From the main waterfall to the three small falls that lie upstream in which one has a beautiful pool at its base, you will be tempted to dive for a swim especially if the weather is hot & humid.


You will find it to get to the smaller waterfalls without the local guides but be careful not to choose a guide from the road side.

Our advice is that you get a local guide through the lodge you are staying in.

You will have to pay a guiding fee and part of this includes a contribution to local land owners for access to each of the falls.

Getting to Sipi Falls at Mount Elgon National Park

Sipi trading centre lies about 60 km from Mbale on the Kapchorwa-Suam road.

From Mbale follow the Kumi road out of town for 5 km then turn right on to the Moroto road.

The turning to Kapchorwa lies 33 km further on; the tarmac also turns right here, rather than heading to Moroto!

The water fall is clearly sign posted just after you pass through Sipi trading centre.

If you don’t have a private means of transport, the best ways to get to Sipi is with one of the mini buses or taxis that head to Kapchorwa from Mbale.

These vehicles at least leave the small Mbale Taxi Park every hour on the Kumi road about 300m past the clock tower.

Where to stay?

At least Sipi area has accommodation for everyone according to your pocket.

So if you want to spoil yourself during this vacation you can go to the up market Sipi Falls Resort.

Sipi Falls resort is a low key rest house built in the 1950’s. Set in attractive green grounds overlooking the main waterfall.

It has bamboo and thatched huts which are beautifully designed with ensuite facility. Bed and Breakfast charges are between 90 to 130 USD per person.

Other type of accommodations around is the Lacam Lodge which is a moderate type & The Crow’s nest the shoestring type.

Click here to find more information about accommadation at Mount Elgon National Park.

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