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What could make your car Overheat in Uganda

Radiator. The role of the radiator is to cool the vehicle’s engine. If the radiator is not functioning, your car may be prone to overheat­ing. One of the first things you needs to check if your car overheats is the radiator.

Water Pump. The water pump allows proper engine coolant to flow to the engine. If your water pump is not functioning properly, the coolant cannot reach the engine thus causing the vehicle to overheat.

Coolant System Belts. The car’s coolant system, which consists of the radiator, water pump, and numerous hoses and seals, pro­vides smooth circulation of the engine coolant. If there are leaks at any point in the coolant system, the vehicle may overheat due to an inadequate amount of coolant circulating through the engine.

Thermostat. A faulty thermostat, or installation of the wrong ther­mostat, can cause a car’s engine to overheat.

Oil Level. A low oil level can cause your engine to overheat. To prevent overheating, maintain the required oil level, always do an oil change on time and ensure there are no oil leaks.

Other causes. Broken or cracked fan blades can cause overheat­ing. Electric fan blades must be running properly. A blown fuse, bad motor, or bad thermal sensor can all be causes for an engine to overheat.

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