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Vanilla Beans among suggested Superfoods to help prevent coronavirus

The emergence and spread of the coronavirus have caused panic around the globe. It has infected several thousands of people since the outbreak in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

The coronavirus is zoonic, which means that it can be transmitted from animals to humans. Human-to-human transmission occurs in the same way that flu is transmitted; when a healthy person comes into contact with an infected person’s secretions, such as droplets in sneezes and coughs, and even by touching something that an infected person has touched.

What are the symptoms?

Coronavirus symptoms are very similar to that of flu symptoms with some exceptions. The common symptoms of the coronavirus include:

Dry cough
Shortness of breath
Aching muscles, and
Fatigue, amidst several others

Although these symptoms are like those of flu, it should be noted that a runny nose and sore throat typically indicates upper respiratory infection and not the coronavirus. Should you have any of the listed symptoms, or you are concerned, it would be best to consult a doctor.

How to minimize exposure to the coronavirus

Minimize physical contact – shaking hands, kissing and hugging; any physical contact with an infected person causes the risk of contracting the virus.

Hygiene is significant. Wash your hands with soap (especially anti-bacterial soap) and warm water frequently to reduce the chances of virus transmission.

Do not share glasses, cups, bowls, plates or utensils with anyone, even with family members.

Reduce the times you touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth).
Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, do not use your hands.

Try and avoid joining large gatherings of people where there isn’t enough ventilation.

Incorporate superfoods into your diet

Superfoods are nutrient-rich and dense foods that are especially beneficial for your health and well-being. Having a healthy, balanced diet is an absolute must, as it may protect you from various illnesses that are not just associated with seasonal flu, and especially now, with the coronavirus.

Superfoods contain very potent and unique compounds apart from essential vitamins and minerals which protect our immune system along with eliminating the reproduction of renegade cells and killing bacteria that harms our guts.

Which superfoods can help prevent and fight the coronavirus?

There is a very long list of superfoods, each with their own unique benefits that can be incorporated into your diet. But the focus here is on which superfoods can boost your immune system and protect you against the coronavirus.

Dark, leafy greens which provide protein, iron, vitamins and minerals especially magnesium, which supports a healthy immune system, amidst other benefits.

The consumption of garlic has proven to boost the functions of the immune system, as scientifically proven during a large 12-week study. Garlic can also alleviate the length of symptoms associated with flu, which are very similar to that of the coronavirus.

Pineapples contain nutrients, antioxidants and several other compounds, including enzymes that fight inflammation and disease. Eating pineapple will give your immune system a significant boost.

A lot of people may pull up their noses at this superfood. Spirulina, or pond scum (as some people would refer to it) is a natural algae powder which is extremely high in protein and a good source of nutrients and gives the immune system a significant boost.

A lot of people think of parsley as nothing more as garnish on foods, when in fact, it is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential to our health. Vitamin C found in parsley serves an amazing immune booster and plays a significant role in the prevention of a lot of common diseases, it makes the list in the natural war against the coronavirus.

Vanilla beans
Apart from pineapple, a lot of people may have ceased in frowning at this list of superfoods in relief that there is another superfood that tastes amazing. Vanilla beans and powder have amazing health benefits, especially in that they have antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in the protection of the immune system and it lowers stress on the body, which makes it easier to recover from injury and illness.

Vanilla beans are as readily available as any of the superfoods on this list and can even be bought online from Native Vanilla.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil, next to olive oil, has become increasingly popular to use instead of other oils for cooking. It is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body, especially its antimicrobial effects.

Fatty acids in coconut oil contain lauric acid, which, when digested, forms monolaurin. Lauric acid along with monolaurin kill harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Carrots are packed with vitamin C, present in immune cells that help the body fight disease. By keeping your immune system healthy, it may prevent a range of diseases, including the coronavirus.

Goji Berries
A good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, fibre, iron, vitamin A, zinc and antioxidants. Although they are good for you, it is important to speak to a doctor before you start eating them, especially if you are using medication, allergic to fruit or pregnant. Goji berries are excellent in protecting the immune system and protecting against flu.

Yoghurt has several nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for health, one of these being vitamin D which promotes bone and immune system health.

These are only a few superfoods on a list of many that may aid in the fight against the coronavirus. But before starting a new diet and incorporating these foods, it is always essential to consult a doctor. Viruses cannot be fought with antibiotics, so it is always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to aid in the prevention of virus-based diseases and ensure all-over body health.

By Caryn Edwards 10-Mar-2020

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