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Understanding the Wheel Alignment of your car in Uganda

Suspension System:

Proper wheel alignment is related to your car’s suspension system. Part of the suspension system involves the linkage of the car to the wheels. When the suspen­sion system is damaged, it can affect wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment:
This is basically the angle of wheels in rela­tion to the entire car. You know your car has proper wheel alignment when it goes straight while you have the steering wheel in a straight position. If your steering wheel is straight but you appear to be moving towards the right or left, your wheel alignment is off.

Signs that your Wheels are Out of Alignment:
A common sign is tyre wear. With proper wheel alignment, your tyres will wear evenly. But when your alignment is not right, one or two tyres will wear differently.

Another sign that many drivers do not immediately associate with wheel alignment is wandering. Unlike an obvious pull, you might find that your car is simply unable to drive in a straight line but wanders back and forth instead.

Adjusting Wheel Alignment:
Take your car to a certified me­chanic to have the alignment done.

It is common for car owners to continue using their cars even when they suspect that they have a wheel alignment issue. If you do, you risk further damage to your suspension system or losing complete control over your car while driving.

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