Uganda Coffee Investment Guide

The Uganda Coffee subsector has a good number of investment opportunities from which you can start a profitable business in Africa.

The business opportunities start right from Coffee production at the farm to serving it as at the Coffee table.

In this part of the Uganda Coffee Guide we shall highlight for you these business opportunities.

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Opportunities in Coffee Farming

Uganda produces two types of coffee: Robusta and Arabica in the proportions of 80% and 20%, respectively. Arabica coffee is grown at high altitudes while Robusta is grown at relatively lower altitudes in areas around the Lake Victoria basin.

Being astride the equator, Uganda has two distinct harvesting seasons: Oct/Dec & May/Jul. north and south of the equator respectively. With regard to fly crop the two hemispheres alternate in harvest.

Advantages at the farm level include:

  • Availability of land and fertile soils ideal for coffee production
  • Good climate characterized by a bi-annual rainfall distribution
  • Availability of labour and no taxes in the agricultural sector.

Primary Coffee Processing Opportunities.

You can profit by a establishing a Central Coffee Washing Station.

When you invest in this business Opportunity you will be complementing the Uganda Government Initiatives under a Strategic Export Programme (SEP).

The ongoing Uganda government coffee-replanting programme puts emphasis on creation of catchment areas of red cherries for any Central pulperies that may come up.

This means that when you set up you Washing station, the Uganda government will direct clients to you.

Coffee Exporting Business Opportunities

To enter the Uganda coffee export business, you will need do the following:

  • You need to incorporate your company in Uganda,
  • You need to have access to Coffee export grading facilities, and
  • You need to execute a performance bond with a reputable insurance company or have a bank account with not less than US $ 25,000.
  • You will also have to pay an annual export license at a fee of Shs. 1,500,000 (USD 900)

Uganda Coffee Shops & Roasting Business Opportunities

With the presence of Internet Cafés in virtually every town, the youth are getting more and more enthusiastic about coffee drinking. You could take advantage of this upcoming lucrative market by establishing a Coffee outlet or a Coffee roasting unit. Uganda currently, less than 10 registered coffee shops.

Input Suppliers business Opportunities

You have an opportunity to invest in supply of inputs to enhance productivity in the agricultural sector in general.

In the coffee subsector farmers have been organized into grassroots coffee farmers associations, you can sale your input supplies to these groups in bulk.

The inputs with good demand include implements, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation equipment, and moisture analyzers.


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