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Types of Non- Profit/No Government Organizations in Uganda

(A) Service Delivery NGOs

The most dominant type especially in the late 80’s and 90’s. They range from small community based groups to big International Organisations such as World Vision, Plan International, Save the Children, among others.

Main Focus:
- Service delivery to targeted constituencies usually as gap (for the state) fillers
- From the 90’s some have added advocacy to their portfolio

(B) Professional Organisations

Usually formed, run and managed by elite Professionals with reasonable corporate structures.

Main Focus:
- Offer specialized elite services such as training, consultancies and research

(C) Advocacy Organisations

Vary in size, but are mainly urban, elite run and managed. Some are formed by individuals, often exclusively run by them. They are the more vocal in the policy and in the political arena

Main Focus:
- Advocacy for all sorts of issues in governance, including human rights, anti-corruption, poverty
eradication, children, women, environment, etc

(D) Membership, NGO Networks, Platforms and Professional Associations

Usually have a member base, either of individuals or NGOs comprising those in (A), (B) and (C) above.

Main Focus:

- They can be for children, women, education, agriculture or more broad based

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