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Taylor Biomass Energy receives final approval for waste to energy plant

Montgomery NY: Green Energy gets “Green Light” at Town of Montgomery Board meeting.

Montgomery, NY, May 10, 2012- Taylor Biomass Energy has received the final, local “green light” to move ahead
with plans to build a “waste-to- energy” facility in the Town of Montgomery by the Town Board.

The vote to approve Phase III of the project’s site plan took place during the Town Board meeting on Thursday evening and is the culmination of several years of review of the energy company by local officials.

Once completed, the Taylor Biomass-Montgomery gasification system will generate 21MW of electricity; enough to power 23,000 private residences, using minimally-processed waste. 65% of the things we throw away can be used to power the Taylor Gasification system. The project will also generate $384.4 million in economic impact, as well as 82 permanent jobs and 318 temporary construction jobs over the next 18 months.

Taylor Biomass Energy was selected to receive a $100 million Federal Loan Guarantee by the United States
Department of Energy, in September of 2010, based on its merit and ingenuity.

“There have been many steps to bring us to this point; many years of work. I am grateful to the scores of people who have stood by us, and stood up for us, as we have worked through this process. And I’m grateful to the Town of Montgomery for helping us bring this project on line in our home town. Its time has come. It is time to stop wasting our waste and Taylor Biomass Energy knows just how to do that,” said a smiling Jim Taylor.

Taylor hopes to start building on the construction-ready site at 350 Neelytown Road in Montgomery in June and
start producing electricity by December, 2013.

Taylor Biomass Energy helps communities solve both the energy and waste challenges with one clean, unique
solution. Taylor Biomass Energy specializes in technology that transforms waste into energy.
And, because no two communities are alike, the Taylor Technology can be adapted and wholly customized to meet each unique need.

To learn more about Taylor Biomass Energy, please visit

By Jessica C. Callihan
Taylor Recycling Facility, LLC

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