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Tahitian Vanilla

Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Tahitian Vanilla Beans (Tahiti)
Tahitian vanilla extract

Tahitian vanilla (V. tahitensis): This vanilla type is distinctly perfumey and flowery, fragrant, heliotropinelike, with a rather shallow vanilla character.

Vanilla tahitensis is a species of orchid in the genus Vanilla.
It was first described by the botanist John William Moore in 1933 from Raiatea in the Society Islands, where it was found growing on trees, having escaped from cultivation.

Vanilla tahitensis is a vine that grows on trees for support. It has zig-zag stems, narrow elliptic leaves and yellowish-green flowers, which are followed by bunches of bean-like pods.
As compared to the more widely grown Vanilla planifolia, the pods are shorter and broader, and its taste and fragrance are also distinctive.

Cultivated and cured in Tahiti, Tahitian Vanilla Beans are hand-selected for their premium quality.

These plump, moist beans have a floral, fruity, cherry-like flavor, found in both the bean and the seeds.

The vanilla seeds add gourmet visual delight to a variety of applications. Since this vanilla is susceptible to heat, it’s best in cold or frozen dishes.

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