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Starting Poultry farming

Product Required: Eggs, Day old Chicks
Type of Chicks : Kroilers
Number : 100-500
Special Requirements: Kindly inform me if the Eggs/kroiler chicks can be airlifted to Nairobi or you prefer by road.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for contacting farming guide and the telephone call.

The one day old kroiler chicks cost UGX. For rearing the chicks for one week,and additional cost of UGX will be charged. In essence each one week Kroiler chick will cost you UGX.

Delivery will be next week on Wednesday, for the one day old kroiler after which they will be kept for one week and you take them on Wednesday.

They can be transported by both air and road. But you will need to get clearances at the airport for the cargo. We need to discuss together which is the best workable option and which would be more efficient and cost saving.

For the Confirmation of the order for March, You need to pay in advance for the chicks.

Awaiting for your action.

Thanks and with Kind regards.


Thanks for the reply kindly confirm if the kroiler chicks are Layers or broilers.
Dear Sir,
Good morning. They are a mixed (both layers and Cocks). But if you advise us in advance what percentage of each you need, then we shall try to do that for you.

I would wish to 400 Layers and 100 Cocks if all goes well, kindly share with me the way forward how to fertilize the eggs if I want to get new chicks.

The cocks will eventually fertilize the eggs for the layers. Then you will be able to get the new chicks from those eggs after incubating them.

As per my calculation/assumption of numbers of Layers and Cocks is it fine bearing in mind that you are the SME in this field???

I think the calculation is ideal. In principle each cock services 10 layers. But bearing in mind that in Kenya there are no kroiler cocks, the balance you can use as parent cocks to sell to other farmers to improve the local breeds.

Don’t be upset but I have to inquire more, what is the price of an egg and the logistics involved if I was to airlift how much will it cost me. The paper work involved if I am transporting through Busia to Nairobi. Can you also tell me the nearest kroiler farm/farmer where we can pay a visit and be educated on how to rare them. I am very much conversant with EBB Town and its Environs and somehow Kampala to Jinja,kindly where can we meet if I will be travelling on the 12th March.


For More Information about how to acquire Krolier birds and Eggs contact us here.

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broilers one day old
by: abdulmanaf singh

hello, would like to know da price of 100 one day old chicken

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