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Starting a Mini Supermarket in Uganda


Hi,I'am an Indian citizen.i want to start my mini supermarket in Kampala, but first i want to visit to do some survey,
so what type of visa sud i get from India? is it possible for me to convert my visitor visa in to business visa?
how much money do i need to buy a shop? please guide me as early as possible.
I am 45 years old my qualification is, it possible for me to get a job as a primary teacher?


Thanks for your inquiry.
A mini supermarket in Kampala would do very well in a place with a high foot traffic like near the Taxi park and
near the University townships within Kampala like Makerere University (MUK), and Kampala International University (KIU).

These highly trafficked areas also come with high rental charges and a reasonably
large shop suitable for a Mini supermarket could cost you some USD1500 or so... per month.

Obviously you need to line up your suppliers for commodities, and make a good market strategy.

You will have to Register your company and also get a trading license from the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

You will also have to apply for a Uganda tax Identification Number (TIN) and also secure a work permit.

Contact us here for any further assistance with establishing your Mini Supermarket in Uganda.

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