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How to grow PEACE LILIES in Uganda

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Snake plant in UgandaSnake plant in Uganda

Also known as Sansevieria, snake plant is a popular upright succulent herb grown as an indoor and outdoor plant. 

From the fleshy rhizomes emerge stiff, sword shaped leaves with bold dark green color with a mottling of grey-green and yellow throught. 

The plant is common in most compounds in Uganda; you might even have it yourself.

Common types of Snake plants in Uganda

There over 70 species of snake plant native to Africa but the commonly grown are three and they include:

  • Sansevieria trifasciate
  • Sansevieria twist
  • Sansevieria robusta

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Soil requirements for growing snake plants in Africa

Well draining sandy loam soils with a neutral pH.

How to propagate Snake plants in your home

This popular lawn or garden plant is best propagated using leaf cuttings.

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How to plant Snake Plants in Uganda

If you can buy a seedling snake plant from the nurseries then just go ahead prepare a container and pot it or clear space in the lawn to seat it. 

However, if you can’t access one you also have no worries. 

Identify an already existing snake plant and grab some of its healthy and green leaves for cuttings. 

Am recommending use of leaf cuttings as they are easier to use

Slice the leaf into 5cm segments taking caution on which side was the top and which is the bottom of the cutting. 

Place the cutting in potting soil with the upward side of the cutting facing up, and rooting will be in about 3-4 weeks. 

Place the container in bright and sunny position to facilitate sprouting. 

Like any other new plant, water cautious enough not to soak the soil medium.

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About grooming Snake plants

The major grooming routines for a snake plant mainly focus on drainage and pests. 

Make sure that the soils which seat the plant are well draining and also have a pesticide control strategy against mealy bugs and spider mites. 

Less effort is generally needed in bringing up this kind of plant since the snake plant is a very hardy and tolerant plant.

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Quick tips for growing snake plants in Africa

  • Clear up lawn space meant for seating the lawn plant.
  • Alternatively a container can be used for a plant intended for interior-scarping
  • Mix garden soil with a portion of compost to prepare a potting mixture.
  • If you acquired an already grown snake plant just place it in the lawn or a container.
  • For that one who wishes to grow the plant you just need leaf cuttings.
  • Grab a healthy green leaf from an existing snake plant and slice it into 5cm cuttings.
  • Take caution to know which side is up and which side is down.
  • Mix 3 parts of garden soils with 1 part of compost to make a potting mixture or lawn soil.
  • Place the cutting into the potting mixture with the upper part of the leaf facing up.
  • Cover with soil mixture and water.
  • Rooting of the cuttings will be in 3-4 weeks.
  • When all grown, you can choose to transfer the new plant to a spot in the lawn or just pot it.

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