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On the Equity Market , 26-07-2011

by Jimmy Emmanuel kayondo

The week of trading that opened on Monday 18th July, 2011 and closed on 22nd July, 2011, opened with not so good news for National Insurance Corporation (NIC), as the insurance giant was suspended from trading activities following its failure to declare annual audited results for 2010. However, on a positive note, it was good for New Vision, following the media giant’s return to trading activity.

BOBU made the largest gains on opening day (Monday), selling 40,000 shares from 1,777 last week at the same share price of Ug shs 300. The Bank’s traded value rose to Ug shs 12m from Ug shs 533,100.

Stanbic Bank traded the same volumes as BOBU (i.e. 40,000 shares), yielding a turnover of Ug shs 5.6m at Ug shs 140 per share price.

DFCU Bank’s traded volumes rose to 1500 shares from 194 shares last week, registering a turnover of Ug shs 1.5m at a slightly lower price per share, Ug shs 1000 from Ug shs 1005.

Uganda Clays traded the largest volume of shares totaling 150,742 from 119,349 shares last week. Turnover moved to Ug shs 8.3m from Ug shs 6.6m last week, while the share price stayed at Ug shs 55.

The second day of trading saw DFCU Bank making the largest gains by trading volumes of 49,806 from 1500 shares on Monday at a slightly improved share price of Ug shs 1005. This saw the Bank’s traded value rise to Ug shs 50.1m from Ug shs 1.5m.

Stanbic Bank traded second yielding a turnover of Ug shs 33.5m from traded volumes of 225,000 at a share price of Ug shs 149.

New Vision returned to activity after a silent week, trading volumes of 302 at a share price of Ug shs 970, registering a turnover of Ug shs 292,940.

Bank of Baroda (BOBU) experienced a decline in volumes traded to 17,402 from 40,000 on Monday, with turnover also dropping to Ug shs 5.2m from Ug shs 12m at Ug shs 300 per share.

Uganda Clays saw a drop in both traded volumes and turnover. Traded shares dropped to 81,276 from 150,742 shares and turnover dropped to Ug shs 4.2m from Ug shs 6.6m.

Wednesday saw a rise in the volumes traded and turnover for the three companies that traded. Activity on Wednesday was fruitful for New Vision as it made the largest gains in weeks of Ug shs 313.1m, from selling 329,489 shares at a slightly lower share price average of Ug shs 950. This is the largest gain in weeks of trading.

Stanbic Bank was the second big gainer of the day, realizing Ug shs 77.6m in turnover from the Bank’s traded volumes of 518,100 at a share price of Ug shs 150.

Uganda Clays’ turnover rose to Ug shs 10.4m from Ug shs 4.2m, while the share price gained marginally to Ug shs 55 from Ug shs 52. The clay maker sold 188,985 shares from 150,742 shares of the previous session.

Total market turnover yielded Ug shs 401m from Ug shs 93.3m. Traded shares also rose to 1,036,574 from 73,786 shares.

New Vision stayed in control for a second consecutive day of trading, by registering the largest gains on Thursday, trading 28,000 shares at an average share price of Ug shs 946. The media house’s traded value was at Ug shs 26.5m.

Bank of Baroda (BOBU) traded volumes dropped to 11,722 from 17,402 shares, with turnover also declining to Ug shs 3.6m from Ug shs 5.2m at Ug shs 300 per share.

DFCU Bank traded 1,052 shares at Ug shs 1000 per share, yielding a turnover of Ug shs 1.05m.

Stanbic Bank made some gains coming in as the second big gainer of the day posting a turnover of Ug shs 24.8mfrom 165,000 shares traded, at a share price of Ug shs 150.

The building materials manufacturer, UCL, registered a drop in turnover to Ug shs 8.1m from Ug shs 10.4, while the shares traded also dropped to 146,598 from 188,985 shares at Ug shs 55 per share.

Trading activity on Friday saw only two companies trading. Stanbic Bank was the biggest gainer of the day posting a turnover of Ug shs 27.6m from 184,581 shares. Its share price fell slightly to Ug shs 149 from Ug shs 150.

Uganda’s leading manufacturer of quality baked clay building products’ turnover rose to Ug shs 9.8m from Ug shs 8.1m. It traded 177,442 shares at Ug shs 55 per share.
By Kayondo Jimmy Emmanuel

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