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On the Equity Market , 17-Nov-2011

by Jimmy Emmanuel Kayondo

Trading on the bourse for the week opening 07th November 2011 to 11th November 2011. Monday opened with four companies trading, British American Tobacco Uganda posted 104 shares yielding turnover of UG Shs136,200. The price per share was UG Shs1300

Bank of Baroda Uganda made the gains in turnover of UG Shs5m from 2000 shares traded at UG Shs25.

Stanbic Bank Uganda made the biggest gains of the day yielding UG Shs5.2m in turnover from 38316 shares traded at UG Shs135 per share.

The clay maker, Uganda Clays, made gains of UG shs1.1m in turnover from 25,129 shares traded. The share price was UG shs45 per share.

As the market went into the second day of trading, the number of companies trading increased to five, as well as the turnover.

BATU yielded UG shs1.5m in turnover from 1,170 volumes traded, each at UG shs1,300.

BOBU traded 61,082 shares which yielded UG shs15.3m in turnover. The price per share was UG shs250.

DFCU made the biggest gains, yielding turnover of UG shs30m from 30,000 volumes traded each at UG shs1,000.

The National Insurance Corporation, NIC traded 18,000 shares from which it managed to yield turnover of UG shs810,000. The price per share was UG shs45.

UCL followed suit in making higher gains of the day. The clay maker yield UG shs25m from 500,000 shares traded, each at UG shs50.

The third day witnessed a tremendous decline in turnover to UG shs5.2m from UG shs72.6m the previous day.

Bank of Baroda Uganda yielded turnover of UG shs400,500 from 1,602 shares traded at UG shs250.

National Insurance Corporation traded 17,000 shares, yielding UG shs765,000 in turnover. The share price was UG shs45.

New Vision Limited also traded 2,072 shares from which it managed to yield UG shs1.6m in turnover, at a share price of UG shs790.

Stanbic Bank Uganda managed to yield turnover of UG shs675,000. The total shares it traded went for UG shs135 each.

UCL traded 38,064 shares at UG shs45 therefore yielding a turnover of UG shs1.7m

Thursday saw an increase in turnover to UG shs66.1m from UG shs5.2m.

Bank of Baroda Uganda traded 13,679 shares from which it yielded UG shs3.1m. The price per share was at UG shs230.

National Insurance Corporation made gains of UG shs135,000 in turnover from 3,000 shares traded at UG shs45 each.

New Vision Limited traded 3,589 shares at an average price of UG shs772, yielding turnover of UG shs2.8m

Stanbic Bank Uganda made the biggest gains of the day, yielding UG shs58m from 445,929 shares traded at an average price of UG shs131 each.

Uganda Clays Limited managed to yield UG shs2m from 40,885 shares traded at an average price of UG shs49 per share.

Trading on the bourse on Friday was characterized by less activity as only two companies traded.

National Insurance Corporation posted 20,000 shares, each at a price of UG shs45. The insurance corporation managed to yield UG shs900,000 in turnover.

Stanbic Bank Uganda continued to make bigger market gains yielding UG shs45.5m in turnover from 350,000 shares traded at UG shs130 each.

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