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Kampala Prime Properties in Kololo, Gaba Road, Mengo Kisenyi, and Rubaga Road

by Admin

On this list of Prime Properties in Kampala Uganda you will find plots of land within the city center of Kampala mainly suitable for developing Apartments, Hotels, Condos and Shopping Malls. Some of these properties are within the busiest parts of the City where foot Traffic is very heavy.

Property #1) 2 acres of Land in Kololo Kampala, Prince Charles Drive being sold at USD6Million , Property currently has a house.

Property #2) 40 decimals on Upper Kololo Terrace Road Kampala , in a very strategic location along the road, near Kololo Airstrip, Uganda's ground for independence celebrations.

Property #3) 3 acres property (Land & Buildings) on Gaba Road Kampala being sold for USD6M along with a business generating about UGX15M per day. You can transform the place by constructing more apartments or condos or a 5 start Uganda Hotel.

Property #4) 3 acres property in Mengo Kisenyi Kampala being sold at USD3M

Property #5) 5 acres property (Land) in Ndeeba Kampala being Sold at USD6M

Property #6) 4 acres land property located in Ndeeba Kampala selling at UGX3Billion

Property #7) 1 acre property along Rubaga Road Kampala near Sojoval Hotel selling at USD1M

Property #8) 1 acre property on Rubaga road Kampala selling for USD 1M

Property #9) 95 decimals plot of land in Rubaga Road Social Center available on lease basis at UGX1.8Billion

Property #10) 3 Plots of land being sold together in Mengo Kisenyi Kampala at: Ugx1billion for 35decimals , Ugx1.5billion for 57 decimals , Ugx550M for a 25 decimals plot.

Property #11) 60 decimals plot property near Ovino shopping Mall in Mengo Kisenyi Kampala being valued at Ugx2.5Billion is available exclusively for Joint Venture land owner - developer relationship.

Property #12) 10 decimals plot of land in Kisenyi lane Kampala selling at Ugx400M.

For many of the listed properties on this page the Price is Negotiable.

If you're an interested buyer, please call the Uganda Real Estate Guide at: +25675238833 or Send us an Email Here.

You may also contact us here if the kind of property you want is not listed on this page. Please be sure to describe to us your exact property needs.

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