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Investor in Broiler Production facility

by Andrew Dymond
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)


I have already asked a question, but perhaps you didn't answer because I incorrectly used the order form.

I am going to invest in a broiler facility with a Ugandan partner. We shall start with 500 chicks and grow to 1,000, then to 2,000 or perhaps more.

I believe we need to budget for 2 sq. ft per broiler, is that correct? i.e., 2000 sq. ft (200 sq.meter) for 1000 chicks. Can you please advise me on what the current cost of construction is for a 200 sq.meter facility .... It will be in Luwero, where we have a farm.

I assume a concrete base, but would like your suggestion on the correct form of construction - bricks, blocks, wood, metal, etc. Do you have a design guide?

Thank you in advance,
Andrew Dymond
Vancouver, Canada

Thanks for your Inquiry,
We do have some estimates for you to start with details of how much nails , wood , Iron sheets etc.. and prices. However, while you can find a lot of useful information on our website for free, we do offer this detailed information at a cost and you can inquire using this form.

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i can work
by: Anonymous

if you need some one to work in the farm that is if its in Uganda am available.070421755

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