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How To Prevent a Flat Tyre When Driving in Uganda

Keep your Tires Well Inflated.

Your tyre pressure should neither be too high or too low. In cases of low or high pressure, the tyres won't be able to cope with all the heat and friction and will eventu­ally blow.

Check the Treads.

Treads give you an indication of the condition of your tyres. If they get worn out, your car needs a tyre change. Al­most every tyre has a wear mark, which indicates that your tyre be­comes useless if the treads are past that mark.

Wheel Balance and Alignment.

If your tyres are not properly balanced or aligned, the pressure will increase on one or two of the tyres. Due to extra pressure, these tyres will wear out quickly in­creasing the chances of blowouts.

Rotate Tyres Regularly.

The weight of your car is distributed in such a way that the front wheels bear more stress than the rear wheels. Due to this reason, the front ones tend to wear out earlier than the rear ones.

Avoiding Overloading the car.

Tyres have a weight limit for loads they can carry. If you are overloading your car, you are in­creasing the risk of getting flat tyres.

Avoid sharp objects and potholes while driving .

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