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How to immunize your Kuroiler Chicken

For your 1 (one) old Kuroiler chicks: vaccinate Mareckers, Route, Subcutaneous (s/c) Injection on the Neck region

On Day 3 : Vaccinate New Castle 1B by a Drop in the mouth

At 1st Week/ Day 7: vaccinate New Castle Plain with Drop in the Eyes or Mouth

On day 10: vaccinate Mareckers Booster Dose by a subcutaneous (s/c) on the Neck

In the 2nd Week: vaccinate Gomboro by a Drop in the Eyes or Mouth

At 3rd Week: Vaccinate New Castle 1B by a Drop in the mouth

At 3rd Week: Vaccinate Infectious Bronchitis by a Drop in the Eyes or mouth

At 4th Week: Vaccinate Gomboro by Drop in the eyes or Mouth

At 5th Week: Vaccinate New Castle 1B by a Drop in the Eyes or Mouth

At 6th-7th Week: Vaccinate Fowl Pox into the Wing Web

At 8th-10th Week : Vaccinate Fowl Typhoid by Injection (I/M) into the Breast Muscle

At 3-3&1/2 Months: Provide laying nests

At 3-4 Months: Deworm

At 4-4& 1/2 Months vaccinate Typhoid

Start laying-off laying period: Vaccinate New Castle Disease 1B every after 2 months

Tips and Techniques for Kuroiler Vaccination

Always use a flask when buying vaccines or have ICE in aplastic bag.

De-worm every month after the first de-worming

Prepared Vaccines should not stay for more than 2hrs after preparation

Do not give drugs on the day of Vaccination

Observe proper sanitation

Vaccination must be done promptly and according to recommended schedules and intervals.

Give Multivitamins and each time you Vaccinate your Kuroiler Chicken

Mix the Vitamins and in water and give the birds before and after vaccination.

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