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How to grow CAULIFLOWER in Uganda

CAULIFLOWER Plant in Uganda

CAULIFLOWER Plant in Uganda

Cauliflower is another flowery vegetable of the cabbage family.
Its white curd makes the most favorite culinary ingredient for most modern cooks.
When you try Cauliflower, trust me, it won’t disappoint you.
We do not have a specific name for it locally here in Uganda we use the English one.

Common cauliflower varieties in Uganda

There are many edible Cauliflower types and they come in a rainbow of colors like; green, purple, light yellow, and white.

Soil requirements for growing cauliflower

You can bring up your cauliflower plant on many types of soils.
However, you will get the best results when you plant on well drained fertile soils of a pH 6.0 t0 6.5

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How to Propagate cauliflower on your Farm in Africa

Start up your cauliflower plants using seeds and within 7 to 14 days you should be able to see seedlings emerge.

How to plant cauliflower in Uganda

Open up the ground to make a fine seed bed as the plant is best started in the bed.

Place the seeds at most 1cm deep and 50cm apart between rows. Water as moisture is needed for germination.

After say four weeks your seedlings shall be having 6 or more leaves, then you can transplant.

Transplant your seedlings generally on to ridges or furrows.

Like many crops of the cabbage family they are very much affected by insect pest, therefore spray against insects regularly.

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How best to harvest Cauliflower in Africa

Maturity of the crop is determined when its curd attains a proper size and before they begin to discolor.
At this time the curd is approximately 15 cm in diameter and is still white and compact with the leaves still healthy and green.
Pick your curd by hand harvesting.

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About Marketing Cauliflower in Uganda

Grade your cauliflower basing on size and quality. You can then market as vegetables in your local farmer markets like Nakaseero and even supermarket groceries.
The prices could be extremely exciting.

Quick Tips for growing cauliflower in Uganda

  • Like many cabbage family plants cauliflower is best started in the bed.

  • Clear up the space meant for setting abed to create a fine tilth.

  • Open up holes 1cm deep in a row

  • Sow your seeds in the lies and gently cover with soil.

  • Water the bed to provide moisture for germination.

  • Caution on pests should be taken by spraying insecticide and fungicides

  • Harvest your curd when it’s ready and succulent.

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