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How to Brood Kuroiler Chicks

Basically the brooder has to be kept warm but air has also to pass through (Ventilated)

Some sources of light would include Power/Electricity lamps/ Paraffin lamps for lighting.

Charcoal pots with holes/ Infra red lights/ Coil for heat (use which ever you can afford but there should be lighting and heat (Warmth)

Give Glucose, Chick formula (Vitamins) V&E PLUS when your chicks have just arrived.

Feeders and Drinkers' proportions; use 8 small drinkers, and 10 small feeders for 500 Kuroiler chicks, keep observing your birds as they feed so that you can know when to add the feeders and drinkers.

Ensure you put small stones in your drinkers to ensure the small chicks don’t fall in water for the first 3 days

Feed your One (1) Day old- 4 weeks kuroiler Chicks on Chick Mash (Starter).

Your birds should remain in the brooder up to 4 weeks/One (1) Month.

At 2 weeks gradually reduce the warmth within the brooder so that your Kuroiler Chicks get adapted to the outside environment.

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