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How to Breed Kuroiler Chicken

10 hens are serviced by 1 cock. This is the ratio which needs to be adhered to.

At 3 months, it is recommended that the hens are separated from the cocks so that they just service them at a certain interval. Otherwise they would torture the Hens so much when they are together and they could even eat the eggs

Eggs have to be taken to the incubator within a week.

If your Eggs have traveled a long distance, you have to store them in a cool dry place for one day/24 Hours so as to settle before you place them in the incubator for hatching.

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Nice and useful information. Thanks.
by: Vilas

Where I get kuroiler chicks in India.

Looking for breed
by: Anonymous

How can i access the eggs or chicks? am in Malawi

what happens if your Kurioler hens dont mate?
by: Anonymous

1-What happens if your Kurioler hens do not mate? Do they just grow like normal Briolers/Cockerels?
2- If they mate can the eggs be consumed by humans if you do not incubate them.

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