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How best to feed your Kuroiler Chicken

Kuroiler Chicks Feeding

Kuroiler Chicks Feeding

Kuroiler Chicks Feeding Adult Kroiler Chicken Feeding

One Kuroiler hen bird will eat approx. 5- 8Kg before laying

It is important that you learn to mix your own feeds

From One (1) Day old- to 4 weeks give Chick Mash (Starter)

From 4-8weeks give your Kuroiler chicken Growers Mash

From the 1st Laying Period to Off laying period give Layers Mash

Your 1000 Kuroiler chicks will require approx. 15 Drinkers and 20 Feeding troughs. Increase number as you see the birds grow, if not enough.

About Folder/Sprouted grain

This feed can be made locally and given to your Kuroiler birds as an alternative to traditional milled feeds to significantly cut your production costs.

In Uganda you can use maize/corn grain, 1kg of maize when it is procced to sprouting grain will become 6-7kg of fodder.

The Video below will show you how to make this Cost saving kuroiler feed from locally available grains

More Kuroiler Feeding Tips & Techniques

In addition to the usual feeds , you add the greens. If you supplement with grass, and Kichen waste, your Kuroiler chicken will eat less food. For example with no green grass at 16 weeks 0ne chick can eat 120gms but with grass it would eat 100gms.

Ensure there are enough feeders and drinkers and that water is there all the time.

When your birds are on Free Range, you have to put some drinkers and feeders outside.

Lake Sand: Lake Sand is good to be mixed in feeds as grit.

Grass: In case you have no paddock, Ensure that you get the recommended grass and you put it in the houses for the chicks/chicken to pick on and eat.

Debeaking: Kroiler/Kuloiler are normaly NOT debeaked. This is because, their sharp mouth is their biggest asset to help them scavenge all sorts of feeds. However, in case they are eating eggs, you may have no option but to debeak.

Automatic Feeders/Drinkers: These are available on the Market in Kenya/Tanzania and Uganda. If you can afford, then use them, they could be good energy savers in terms od labor.

About Feed Storage

Food Rackets: Ensure you have Rackets on which to put the feeds. They should be 3 inches from the ground and not touching the wall. At any single moment there should be no trade off of disease due to bad storage

Stocking Feeds: Buy your feed stocks when harvest seasons are starting which is dry and when they are in the middle of the season stop as Maize grain prices are going up.

As you use your feeds, 1st feeds IN, should be the 1st feeds OUT

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kuroiler farming


kuroiler chicks
by: Anonymous

where do i get kuroiler chicks in uganda and how do i take care of them interms of feeding

U have ben good advice on my busness
by: Palia Farm

Im from Drc Congo i stard kroila im what to venture in kroila farming in congo thanks for your good advice

Great cost saving...
by: Denis Tz

thank you.. its so helpful

by: Anonymous

I would like to make my own feeds, how do I proceed and need from one day old chick until its ready for sell where can I buy genuine feeds from?

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