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Forever indebdted to Cielo Country Inn in Bushenyi

by James Morgan
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Uganda is such a wonderful country, The splash green environment, lovely and friendly people and above all great tasty natural food that you will not find in neighboring countries.

The capital city Kampala can give you a wrong picture of this this country. The city is full of unplanned transport and the large and fast expanding metropolitan is is unguided. Its not until you travel upcountry that you will learn and know the beauty of the country.

I chose to visit western Uganda and stayed in Bushenyi Ishaka municipality. The locals advised me tostay at a small but very neat hotel, Cielo Country Inn. It is situated on Kasese Road, just 0.5kms from Ishaka town.

This is where I experienced Ugandan hospitality at its best and the reason I chose to tell my story. On my arrival, late in the night I was welcomed by a bell boy who barely understood English. But he offered the best reception I experienced in the region. He did not allow me for an inch to carry any of my luggage to my room but did it all by himself. Because I was tired, I chose to go straight to bed. But before I could do it the front office manager arrived with a menu and a plate of fresh fruits enough to feed 3 persons! Waoh! After the fruits offered free, I did not order for dinner but slept straight.

The calm nature of the hotel and pleasantly laid rooms offered me the best rest for the night.

Early morning, I was woken up by another pleasant surprise. The hotel proprietor knocked at my door and when I opened, he was carrying apple bananas for me. he introduced himself and informed me he had come to check if his guest had had a good night! The rest of the story is long. But he was such a pleasant person, highly knowledgeable including being able to speak 3 international languages (French, English and Spanish!) In short, he simply understand well how to handle people who are alien and less knowledgeable of the local environment.

Because I had spent much of my money in Kenya, I was on budget and decided to ask the the hotel to advise me on what I could see with my limited budget. Cielo staff teamed together and did a wonderful trip for me. From hiring for me a good taxi at a low cost to a well designed travel itinerary involving seeing many volcanic lakes, elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park to visiting hotsprings in Kitagata where I had a spectacular experience with locals enjoying the healing effects of the hot spring etc.. The whole plan was marvelous. And guess what! all at less that 200 dollars!

To all the staff at Cielo. I will forever appreciate your support and will recommend my friends to visit and stay at Cielo Country Inn. I must not forget to say a loved that great roasted tilapia. I miss it!!

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