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Farmland available for sale in Uganda, more than 20 parcels

On this farmland real estate listing we have over 20 land parcels suitable for commercial farming in Uganda and for making a country home.

#1 - 100 acres in Bombo, touching tarmac.. 26M per acre

#2- Kakiri Bombo Road..60 acres...36m per acre

#3- Buwama, Mpigi, approx 2Km off Masaka Road with 75 squatters. 21 homesteads, the rest of the land is used for farming
PLOT SIZE: 122 acres
REGISTER: Private Mailo
INVESTMENT: 9 Million per acre

#4- Luwero Kikyusa-Kamila, 57 acres at 4m about 75km from Kampala

#5- LAND FOR LARGE SCALE COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURE ON SALE, Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda, 10,000 acres, Free Hold, Flat landscape. Land can be used for large scale commercial Agriculture; for such things as food growing, fruit growing, tree (wood) planting among others. Soil properties support growth of a multitude of crops. Then Dairy Farming – Ranching
People in the nearby vicinity grow Sun flower, Sorghum, simsim, Millet, Rice, Cow peas, Perishables; tomatoes, Mangoes, Pineapples, eggplants
INVESTMENT: $950 per acre

#6- 140 acres in Zirobwe,Gayaza at 9.5m per acre

#7- Mityana, 128 acres at 3m per acre

#8- Luwero, Nakaseke, 90 acres at 3.5m per acre

#9- Over 100acres in Kayonza, Kayunga district at 3m per acre

#10- Namayumba, Wakiso District 65 acres at 9m each...

#11- 66 acres in Kigoge at 32M per acre
along bombo road after matugga

#12- 100 acres, Nakaseke District at only 6m only per acre

#13- 5 acres, Nakaseke-Kiwoko Wabitunda village 14km from Luweero town INVESTMENT: Ugx 7m per acre

#14- 150 acres of freehold farmland is on sale, located in Kyanamukaka, Masaka with electricity, with water, no squatters. 3M per acre

#15- Katente, Uganda 17kms from Mbalala trading centre along Jinja Road Highway
SIZE: 25 acres
REGISTER: Private Mailo
INVESTMENT: 9 million per acre. Seller prefers to sell off entire chunk at ago

#16- Location: Namasumbi via gayaza town 8km from Nakasajja trading center
Details: 100acres squatter free
Price: 16m per acre.

#17- Location: Nakasajja via gayaza town 2.5km from tarmac rd
Details: 5acres
Price: 36m per acre.

#18- Location: Busiika-Vvumba 1.3km from tarmac
Details: 10acres
Price: 22m per acre

#19- Location: Vvumba- Bulami 150mtrs from tarmac rd
Details: 3acres best for a country home.
Price: 22m per acre

#20- Zirobwe along wabitungulu rd 1km from tarmac rd
Details: 5acres
Price: 19m per acre

#21- Location: Zirobwe-Wabitungulu 4km from wabitungulu town
Details: 5acres
Price: 7m per acre

#22- Location: Kikyusa- wabusaana 2km from Wabusaana trading center
Details: 5acres
Price: 4.5m per acre

#23- Location: Kikyusa- Kamila via kikyusa trading center
Details: 57acres
Price: 4m per acre.

#24- Location: Gayaza-Busukuma 4km off Busukuma subcounty offices.
Size: 3acres
Price: 22m per acre

If you want to buy any of the above land parcels, kindly call us on: +256780481008 and Send Us an Email here specifying the farmland you want.

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