Extreme Sport Russian Professionals to Plunge into the Uganda Murchison Falls in Africa

Two extreme sports professionals from Russia will take a leap of faith and plunge over the Murchison Falls this weekend.

Col Sergey Lagoda and companion Bozis Gazazjan are the two daredevils set to execute the death-defying stunt at the spot where the Nile explodes through a 6-metre gorge and falls 43 metres (141ft) forming the hardest water fall in the world.

The two are part of a six-man team of multi-award-winning explorers from the World Encyclopedia of Travel who are here on the invitation of Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and Africa Great Explorations (A.G.E) Safaris in a bid to position Uganda as the Adventure Capital of Africa.

“Uganda is already common with adrenaline junkies thanks to the whitewater rafting and bungee jumping but now we also need to tap into the market of extreme sports,” said UTB’s senior marketing officer Sylvia Kalembe. She added: “Russia has emerged as the fourth world’s largest out-bound travel country with the biggest spenders; if this market is well nurtured it will generate more revenue for Uganda.”

During a press conference in Kampala on Monday, the group leader Dr Alexander M Fedorchenko, who is also the vice president of the Russian National Geographic Society, said his team will embark on the daunting expedition this week. They will kick-start their journey at Jinja rafting over some of the deadliest rapids on their way to the intimidating Karuma Falls and later culminating into the heart-stopping leap over Murchison right into the path of crocodiles.

“We are not scared of crocodiles. We always strive to go beyond the imagination of an ordinary man,” said Dr Fedorchenko. Accordingly, a film crew will document the entire expedition which will later be broadcast to over 50 million viewers of Russian National Geographic Society and the Russian Speaking Federation, according to Fedorchenko.

Dr Fedorchenko said Colonel Lagoda has always heard of the hardest waterfall in the world and it is a dream come true to be in Uganda with a chance to accomplish his mission of jumping over them.

“I can tell you we’re here on expedition but we also want to take the message back home that Africa is not as they think,” he added. “Uganda is more fun, far safer and more beautiful than actually most Russian people think. I hope that the Ugandan government can also look to promote Uganda in Russia because this is too beautiful a country to be that little explored.”

The team also consists of a doctor in case something goes wrong.
Colonel Lagoda has been involved in extreme sports in different countries including Israel, India and his native Russia. His partner will be attempting this for the very first time.

The Monitor Newspaper

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