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eTAX policy in Uganda

by Gloria Mukiibi

Tax Question
Elaborate more on the Uganda eTAX policy?


Uganda Revenue Authority through its modernization process, has introduced a new eTAX system to cater for registration of taxpayers, filing of returns, assessments and payment of taxes. eTAX is a name given to an Integrated Tax Administration System that provides online services to the taxpayer on a 24 hour basis.

eTAX enables taxpayers to lodge their applications online through the web portal, form anywhere on the globe as long as they are connected to the internet. Upon uploading the application on the web portal, the system will generate an e –acknowledgement receipt.
Note; any attachments have to be delivered to a URA, Domestic Taxes Office.

The application will be processed; the applicant will be contacted in case of any query, interview or inspection. The applicant will also be able to search the status of his / her application on the system using a search code indicated on the e acknowledgement receipt.

When the application is finally approved, the applicant will be issued a TIN with minimum details displayed on the Certificate of Registration. Where the application has been rejected, the taxpayer will be issued a rejection notice stating the reason(s) for rejection.

The taxpayer will on receipt of TIN be able to log onto the web portal and create his / her own account for any further transactions.

Some of the benefits of e registration: a streamlined and less time wasting process, application easily done on the web portal. Besides registration, the taxpayer will be able to amend his / her details with URA in case of any changes.

Taxpayer will always receive feedbacks on the application and this will be possible especially when accurate email addresses and telephone numbers (of the taxpayers) are indicated in the application.Through the eTAX system, tax payers can make e-FILINGs ande-PAYMENTS For more information…

Contact the Uganda Tax Guide for assistance with Tax Filling in Uganda

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