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by JONATHAN MUGERWA, WhatsApp:+256780555355, +256754705208 . Email:

Elijah Dias 4 years.

Elijah Dias 4 years.

Elijah , Harmony and Jemima are needy children under our Stop The School To The Prison Pipeline-Uganda Chapter.

Elijah Dias 4 years.
Elijah loves going to school.
His parents are unable to meet his school fees.
Be a blessing to Elijah by choosing him for sponsorship.

Hamony Peace 6 years
Hamony was once well-off like any other child. However, life came to a standstill when their house got burnt and everything that was in it.
Let any sympathetic person come to a rescue through choosing her for Sponsorship.

Jemima Namuli 7 years
Jemima was produced in prison in 2014
The mother is Rosemary Nabukera and the father Tinkamanyire James went missing after impregnating Rosemary. This was a rape case which resulted into a child according to the law of Uganda.
She is supposed to be in Primary 2 but missed a full year without going to school because of financial constraints. An urgent sponsor is needed to change Jemima’s story for good.

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