Common Indicators that your Car Engine is in Trouble when in Uganda

Warning Lights
The common lights to watch out for are check oil , oil pressure low and check engine light. If these lights stay lit when you start your car, you probably have a problem with the engine.

Doing the jerk
Driving should be free of jerking, surging, or stall­ing. But if your car is popping and locking, that's a pretty strong sign of engine trouble.

Unusual noises
Noises to take note of are grinding noise especially when starting your car or shifting gears. Tapping or popping noises are also not a good sign. However a little bit of noise from your car is usually normal.

Foul smells
The smell of burning rubber could mean that your drive belts or accessory belts beneath the hood are damaged, loose, or worn out.

Smoke signals
Smoke can come from the front or back of the car.
The exhaust pipe will send out colored smoke as an indication of the kind of the problem.

Blue smoke: Oil is escaping from its intended passageways within the engine and is being burned along with fuel.

White smoke: Shows that water condensation has mixed with the fuel supply .

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