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How to grow BOUGAINVILLEA Shrubs in Uganda

Bougainvillea plant in UgandaBougainvillea plant in Uganda

A bougainvillea is a tropical vigorous, ever green, woody vine shrub with spines. 

Although normally climbs it can be trimmed to stay bushy as a pot plant. 

You want a powerful eye catching piece in a corner of your lawn, plant a bougainvillea it will bless you with its showy blooms.

Common bougainvillea varieties in Uganda 

There are three modern day hybrids of bougainvillea grown, these include;

  • Bougainvillea spectabilis
  • Bougainvillea glabra
  • Bougainvillea peruviana

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Soil requirements for growing bougainvillea in Africa  

Bougainvillea will thrive in almost any soil as long as it is well-drained and fertile. 

However best growth is seen on sandy loamy soils with a moderate humus cover

How to propagate bougainvillea on your farm

Bougainvillea propagates readily from cuttings of 4 to 6 inches long. 

These are able to develop a good root system in 4-6 weeks given conducive growth conditions.

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How to plant bougainvillea in Uganda 

When planning to have a bougainvillea plant in your lawn you can acquire a seedling from a nursery or you raise a seedling from scratch. I would say it is really fun to raise your own plant into existence.

Take a Bougainville stem and cut into section, treat the cutting with fungicide and then place it in a potting soil mixture of sandy loam soils. 

Water gently with a water mixed with a rooting hormone. 

Cover the cutting with a polythen bag to ensure maximum humidity. 

Yes patience is one of the virtues you will exercise as you wait for close to 4-12 weeks for the cutting to develop firm roots. 

All this time make sure you water your cutting. 

After the cutting has well established root, transfer it to a ground position meant for seating the plant.

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About grooming and the uses of bougainvillea plants

The grooming you are going to do is mainly to do with shaping the bougainvillea plant. This can be done at any time of the year by pruning.

Bougainvillea are popular ornamental plants in most areas with warm climates.

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Quick Tips for planting Bougainvillea in Uganda  

  • Acquire your well grown healthy seedling
  • Open up 60cm deep ditch; mix 2 parts of top soil in one part of compost.
  • Unwrap the root ball of your bougainvillea seedling to remove a polybag.
  • You can seat the root ball in water to ease release of the polybag.
  • In a well prepared planting hole, place in your seedling.
  • Water the seedling immediately and regularly as possible to ease the transplanting shock.
  • Prune to keep your vigorously growing bougainvillea plant in shape and neat.

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