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Before you buy a2011 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S Cruise Boat in Uganda

by Edwin,+256704515368

When it comes to boats, Yamaha is usually considered a benchmark in its class and there is no wonder why as its products are modern, reliable and comfortable.
One of the most wanted boats in Yamaha’s lineup is the 242 Limited S. Compared to the previous models, the 2011 version features a series of improvements, the most important one being the new deck and hull design. Thanks to the new design the seating area at the bow is wider and longer than ever before offering an improved level of comfort.

Buying a foreign used 2011 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise Boat from Uganda

Very often the people who import motor-cycles like Yamaha are the very importers who will help you buy yourself a 2011 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat in Uganda. You can also order one from authorized dealers and have it imported for you into Uganda on your behalf.

However, you have to do good research in order to find a reputable seller or dealer who will be able to provide you with the cruiser that will meet your needs and above all genuinely imported into Uganda.

You need to look out for prices and discounts. Local boat dealers or importers may not charge the same prices for the same cruiser boat. Prices of the 2011 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat may be affected by mileage of the Sports Motor-bike, general condition of the Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat, model, and year of manufacture.

Depending on your dealer and other factors mentioned above, the Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat may be at a price of around Ugshs 45,000,000.

It is also important to take some time and do some research about the Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat you want to buy. You could find good Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat at good prices if you do take some time in researching about them and make all necessary consultations. We don’t recommend rushing especially if it’s your first time to buy one.

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Importing a foreign Used 2011 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S Cruise Boat from Japan or other parts of the world

Should you prefer to import your own 2008 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat from say Japan, Europe and of late Dubai, things change a bit. First it would require you to find a trusted dealer or seller in that regard, determine your specific car features and requirements, expected budget you plan to spend on buying the Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat and well calculated taxes to be paid to the tax authorities in order to clear 2008 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat here in Uganda.

The taxes charged by the Uganda Revenue Authority include Import Duty, Value added (VAT), Withholding Tax, Environmental Levy, Infrastructure Levy, and Registration Fees basing on the Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) of the Yamaha 242 LIMITED S cruise boat from Japan.

On arrival to Kampala, Uganda, you will have to clear the taxes at The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), apply and pay for a number plate and then the third party license. You will also notice the some of these charges or fees differ from other vehicles.

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General 2011 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S Cruise Boat reviews for Uganda

The 2011 Yamaha 242 Limited is propelled by two twin 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 16-valve High Output Yamaha Marine engines with a displacement of 1812cc (each). The engines are fed by a 50.2 gallons fuel tank that offers a fairly good range.

Among the standard features available for the 242 Limited S you’ll find aluminum water sports tower with built-in speakers and cabin lights, a convertible lounge seat and bow docking lights.

2011 YAMAHA 242 Limited S, Standing tall and proud, the forward-swept tower of Yamaha’s 242 Limited S looms above its refined, spacious interior, while bow docking lights accent the distinguished exterior. Pairing an open layout that feels exponentially larger than 24 feet with the explosive power of twin 1.8 liter high output Yamaha Marine engines, the 242 Limited S stakes its rightful claim atop the luxury category.

The cockpit of the 242 Series is roomy, lavish, and refined. The helm layout is minimalist and sophisticated with large analog gauges and integrated digital information displays that provide independently controlled access to a wide range of new information.

Under the waterline is Yamaha’s dual internal drive propulsion system that delivers better performance and more peace of mind than traditional stern drive models.

Yamaha’s ultra-responsive internal drive system brings the 242 Series on plane faster and accelerates quicker than comparable boats. The 242’s shallow draft and enclosed impellers increase the boat’s versatility, allowing you to travel to places not accessible to stern drive boats. Yamaha Boats also feature pump clean out ports that are easily accessible from the swim platform, allowing boat owners to effortlessly clean out any debris without getting in the water or having to reach under the boat. Additionally, the low maintenance of Yamaha Boats makes them always ready to launch, all season long.

Utilizing an integrated GPS-based information control center, the digital displays can provide latitude, longitude, compass heading, elevation, water depth, trip odometer, clock, engine hours, engine speed, vessel voltage, vessel speed, highest speed, fuel level, fuel used and they are the first in their class to provide real time (gallons per hour and miles per gallon) fuel flow data.

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Availability of 2011 Yamaha 242 LIMITED S Cruise Boat Spares parts in Uganda

Boat spares such as the 2011 Yamaha 242 Limited S are available in Uganda. Go to boat dealers or Yamaha center and they will be able to help you with your mechanical problem.

Our Conclusion

The 2011 Yamaha 242 Limited is an agile jet boat that is ready to play every time you fire up its engines. Once you climb on board of the 2011 242 Limited you’ll find a modern dash with easy-to-read gauges and an adjustable convertible lounger that gives you the option to either sit or lounge. With such features and more, you are just a step away from home.

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