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Before you buy a Volkswagen Tiguan in Uganda

by Edwin

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact crossover vehicle (CUV) manufactured by German automaker Volkswagen. Introduced in 2007, it uses the PQ35 platform of the Volkswagen Golf. All first generation (5N) Tiguans featured two row seating and transverse mounted four-cylinder engines.

Before you buy a Volkswagen Tiguan in Uganda

The Volkswagen Tiguan was launched in 2008 as a first compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) of its lineup. The engine is TSI (Turbocharged Stratified Injection) 2.0-Liter in-line-four DOHC (Double Overhead Cam) 170ps/28.6kgm (ABA-5NCAW). The transmission is 6-speed tiptronic AT with drive train full-time Haldex Traction "4MOTION" 4WD (Four Wheel Drive) . Suspensions are MacPherson strut in front and 4-link in rear with stabilizers. Safety devices are dual and side airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Brake System9 with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program) and DSR (Driver Steering Recommendation).

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Buying foreign used Volkswagen Tiguan from a local car bond in Uganda

In case you choose to buy a foreign used car from a car bond makes life a lot easier to acquire yourself a Tiguan. There is basically no need to go to Japan or order for the vehicle from Japan or any other part of the world. In short one just walks to the car bond and arrange for a purchase and within a short time, the car is paid for and handled over to you as the owner.

However, you can also find that some trucks have only cleared the cost, insurance and freight (CIF) fees only. So it would mean that if you want a Caterpillar D7E bulldozer then you will have to clear the rest of the taxes. You can find the Cost of the 2008/10 Volkswagen Tiguan to be around $ 4, 000 or more for latest models in very good condition.

However, the cost of the Cost can change due to year of manufacture, condition of the bulldozer, mileage and the dealer.

Importing a foreign used Volkswagen Tiguan from Japan

Now this is different from buying from car from the car bond here in Kampala. Some people prefer to import their own machinery directly from Japan or from any other part of the world. You will most likely have to follow a procedure similar to the one stated below.

Search and select vehicle to buy from Japanese Used Car Portal Websites. Send Inquiry for price, condition, etc of the truck. The Japanese Dealers will respond you directly by Email.

Watch out for fake e-mails as many scams may con you for money. After that you negotiate with the Japanese dealer for an appropriate price that fits your budget.

Request for a proforma invoice, place your order and make payment which may be either through bank wire or VISA. The seller will inform you about the following things like the Payment Confirmation, Shipping Schedule, B/L copy, Original Document and then you receive the order in this case the Volkswagen Tiguan.

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General Volkswagen Tiguan reviews for Uganda

The Volkswagen Tiguan comes in four-wheel and front-wheel drive versions, both being comfortable and capable on the road. This is thanks to great adjustability in the driver's seat and steering wheel, while visibility is great, so it's easy to find the ideal driving position.

Where it is designed to work well, the Tiguan thrives. We’ve only driven diesel models so far – which will account for 95 per cent of sales – but the new engines are smooth and powerful. There’s no escaping the infamous diesel shudder on start up but the engine soon settles and power is delivered smoothly.

The seven-speed DSG gearbox has closely stacked ratios which give the VW an advantage when accelerating. Only in its overdrive seventh gear does the Tiguan feel sluggish, which was reflected in a leisurely 17.8-second 50-70mph time when we tested it.

Here, the diesels make the most sense; they're refined and offer the best mix of economy and performance.

The most economical engine is the least-powerful unit on offer. Interestingly, VW isn't offering its usual 1.6 TDI as the cheapest diesel, instead detuning its 2.0 TDI unit. With 114bhp, it does 0-62mph in 10.9 seconds with a six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive.

The 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel takes 9.3 seconds to get from 0-62mph, which is quick enough, but it oddly feels flatter than its less powerful rivals, backed up by our own independent performance figures. If that bothers you, the more responsive 187bhp unit should do the trick.

You can go one further than even that, however. VW has taken its beefy 237bhp 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine from the Passat and slotted it into the Tiguan. The results are profound - a full 500Nm of torque gets the SUV from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds and on to a 142mph top speed. Nothing from Mazda, Nissan or Ford gets close, and that performance puts it in the ring with cars like the Jaguar F-Pace.

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Availability of the Volkswagen Tiguan spare parts in Uganda

The VW Tiguan spares are available although they may be costly. Buying a car is one thing and maintaining it is another especially when it gets to spare parts in Uganda. However, you shouldn’t get alarmed. You will get the spare parts you need. Should you fail to get them here in Uganda then you may have to order and import them here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need assistance.

Reasons why the Volkswagen Tiguan is bought in Uganda

People buy the VW Tiguan for mainly private use such as commuting to and from work. it consumes fuel reasonably, easy to park and has enough space from a small family.

Alternatives of Volkswagen Tiguan in Uganda

You will find the Nissan Qashqai, and Toyota Rav4 as the immediate alternatives in Uganda.

Depreciation of the Volkswagen Tiguan In Uganda

The Tiguan has competitive residuals, although its high list prices mean that in relative terms it will lose more money than its rivals.

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Our Conclusion

If you're after driving fun, then you should look elsewhere, but VW's second-generation Tiguan is good at many of the things that matter in its class. It's an extremely well rounded package, and while it lacks personality, it ticks a lot of boxes.

The Tiguan is not particularly exciting to drive, but neither are many of its closest rivals. Where it is designed to work well, it thrives. There’s lots of room inside for a growing family, the cabin is very well built and, although it’s a little dull inside, it’s now crammed full of the latest tech.

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