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Before you buy a the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator in Uganda

by Edwin,

The CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator is basically used to generate electricity for both residential and commercial purposes. In cases of unreliable hydro-power supply, the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator is usually used as a power generator to provide electricity.

Buying a the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator from a local Ugandan dealer or bond

Some of the re-known brands like CAT have got dealership in Uganda. So, in case you need an electric generator for power supply they are much willing to supply with a generator such as the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator. I wouldn’t encourage you to go for the foreign used generators as they may have outlived their lifespan.

This means mechanical issues will not seize to emerge every now and then. But I would rather advice you to go in for those supplied by the country authorized distributor. They may be quite expensive as compared to those sold by other importer but be sure you will be getting something worth your money.

Click here to buy, hire a CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator or purchase CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator spare parts and servicing in Uganda

Importing a the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator in Uganda

Well, I can’t deny that some people may want to import their own electric generators. No offence. You can import you own the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator from abroad. The CAT equipment/machines we use in Africa specifically Uganda come from china hence designed for the African and Asian markets.
So if you choose to import a CAT generator, china is the most likely country you will find viable generators and not to mention it a lot more cheaper to import from china than other countries like those in Europe and the United States. However, it all depends on you and how much you are willing to spend on the electric generator.

Some of the things you will need to consider may entail the Cost, Insurance and Freight usually abbreviated as CIF. So you need to calculate the CIF because again this will be used to determine the taxes to be paid at the Uganda Revenue Authority. You can also follow some of the procedure to guide you on how to buy you CAT electric generator from abroad. Check it out below.

Search and select CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator to buy from a Chinese or other CAT electric generator Portal Websites. Send in an Inquiry for the price, condition, etc of the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator. The dealers will respond you directly by Email although some may prefer to call and speak to you.

Watch out for fake e-mails as many scams may con you for money. After that you negotiate with the dealer for a price that fits your budget.

Request for a proforma invoice, place your order and make payment which may be either through bank wire or VISA. The seller will inform you about the following things like the Payment Confirmation, Shipping Schedule, B/L copy, Original Document and then you receive the order in this case the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator.

Click here to buy, hire a CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator or purchase CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator spare parts and servicing in Uganda

General CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator features or reviews for Uganda

Some of the major specifications of the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) include the following below;

Air Inlet System
• Air cleaner

Cooling System
• Radiator and cooling fan with guards
• Coolant drain line with valve
• Fan drive, battery charging alternator drive
• Caterpillar extended life coolant

Control Panel
• EMCP 4 Control panel

Exhaust System
• Stub pipe, gaskets, raincap and SAE exhaust flange for customer use - shipped loose
Fuel System
• Standard open set fuel tank / base supplied base, formed steel with single wall integral 8-hour fuel tank

• 12 leads
• IP23 protection
• Voltage regulator (single phase sensing)
• Tower panel, IP22, bottom cable entry
• Segregated low voltage (AC/DC) wiring panel
• Circuit breaker, IEC, 3 pole, mounted in tower panel

Governing System
• Mechanical and electrical governing system - model dependent

Lube System
• Lubricating oil
• Oil drain line with valve

Mounting System
• Captive linear vibration isolators between base and engine-generator
• Includes lifting provision and drag points
• Termination points for coolant and lube oil drain lines

Starting/Charging System
• 24V battery with rack and cables
• Batteries

• Engine and alternator pre-paint, Caterpillar Yellow
C4.4 (50 Hz) Optional Equipment

Alternator System
• R frame auxiliary winding
• LC frame alternator
• LC frame alternator with coastal insulation protection
• Permanent magnet
• 3 phase sensing
• Quadrature droop kit
• Anti-condensation heater

Circuit Breakers
• Circuit Breaker Upgrades
• 4 Pole circuit reaker to 250A
• 4 Pole circuit reaker to 400A
• 4 Pole circuit reaker to 630A

Cooling System
• Coolant heater
• Low coolant temp alarm
• Low coolant level shutdown

Control Panel Options
• Volt free contacts
• Speed adjust potentiometer
• Panel mounted audible alarm
• Earth fault (2 wire only)
• Earth leakage (2 wire only)
• Overload shutdown via breaker
• Battery charger
• Emergency stop with key
• Control panel heater

• Sound attenuated Level 2 enclosure
• Sound attenuated Level 1 (galv)
• External single point lift - CAE rental option only
• Rental pack - CAE rental option only
• CEE form sockets - CAE rental option only
• Socket blanking plate - CAE rental option only

European Certifications
• Upgrade to STD set for CE
Fuel System Accessories
• Open set narrow base
• Compact skid base for open set
• Skid base for CALG enclosure sets
• DEFRA bonded fuel tank
• Low fuel level shutdown
• Low fuel level alarm
• High fuel level alarm

Global Certifications
• Certification for CIS

Mounting Options
• Electronic governor
• Battery removal
• Industrial silencer
• Silencer installation kit

Power Termination
• Circuit breakers, IEC compliant
• Circuit breakers, UL listed

Special Packing/Inspections for Shipment
• PGS test report @ 1.0 power factor
• PGS test report @ 0.8 power factor

So, there you are. In case you don’t understand the specification or need guidance on which CAT electric generator will suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Availability of CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator Spares parts in Uganda

CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator spare parts are readily available from both the country distributor and on local market.

Our Verdict

The CAT brand has stood the taste of time and so has its products. There is no doubt that CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator is capable of meeting your needs with the at most efficiency. So are looking for an electric generator for your home, apartments or offices, then the CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator could be the answer you need.

Click here to buy, hire a CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator or purchase CAT C4.4 (50 Hz) Electric Generator spare parts and servicing in Uganda

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