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Before you buy a Tafe 8502 – 4WD tractor in Uganda

by Edwin

The Tafe 8502 – 4WD is new tractor in Ugandan tractor industry. It comes with a modern design, excellent performance, easy maneuverability, simplicity of operation and one of the most modern hydraulic system.

Buying new or locally used Tafe 8502 – 4WD tractor from a local dealer in Uganda

There some tractor brands you can’t get in a reconditioned shape or foreign used and the TAFE is one of them. These are imported into Uganda brand new. So you feel like buying one for yourself like the TAFE 8502 – 4WD then you have to by it brand new.

You will most probably get the tractor with all the necessary documentation, registration plates among others after you pay for the whole amount of the tractor. The advantage you will get from buying your TAFE 8502 – 4WD from a local dealer is that you will have instant support in case you get a problem or have an enquiry to make for you tractor.

Since the TAFE brand is still very new in Uganda, finding a locally used one is very hard. This is because most of them are bought brand hence still being used by their owners for a long time. Unless of course something happens and the owner needs to sell it off but still very rare.

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General Tafe 8502 – 4WD tractor standard features for Uganda

Some of the standard features for the TAFE 8502 – 4WD include the following below;
The TAFE 8502 – 4WD is highly fuel efficient, comes with a Simpsons S325 Diesel Engine which is water cooled with Mico Inline Pump.
• Has a neutral safety switch for safe starting
• Square bonnet
• Has a spring suspension seat
• Dual Clutch with Pendant Pedal Control
• Live PTO with Position, Draft & Response controls

You can also buy the TAFE 8502 – 4WD with included accessories namely;
• Front Weight Frame with provision for Front towing hitch
• Front Weight and Rear Wheel Weights
• Sun Canopy

For more of these specifications and features please contact us.

Alternatives of TAFE 8502 – 4WD in Uganda

We have a number of alternatives you can consider while in Uganda and some of the most prominent ones include the Massey Ferguson, New Holland and Deutz-Fahr tractors.

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Availability of the TAFE 8502 – 4WD spare parts in Uganda

Spare parts of this TAFE 8502 – 4WD are readily available and imported brand new into Uganda. So, we are sure you won’t find major issues of spares plus they are affordable.

However you should fail to find what you need for a particular TAFE 8502 – 4WD model, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in that regard.

Reasons why people buy the TAFE 8502 – 4WD in Uganda

The TAFE 8502 – 4WD if basically affordable as compared to the re-known Massey Ferguson in the same range. Price is a big determinant here. However, the TAFE brand is still making a presence in Uganda. Some organizations have come up to buy the TAFE like the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) which is using a TAFE tractor for garbage collection around the city.

Our Conclusion

The TAFE 8502 – 4WD is a very reliable bike to ride around town especially through the stiff jam of Kampala. It’s easy to park, fuel efficient, strong enough to climb up the steep hills to mention but a few. So, are that person who wants to beat traffic jam? Then the TAFE 8502 – 4WD is just what you need.

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