Before you buy a Honda Accord in Uganda

by Edwin

Honda Accord

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a series of automobiles manufactured by Honda since 1976, best known for its four-door sedan variant, which has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States since 1989.

The Accord nameplate has been applied to a variety of vehicles worldwide, including coupes, wagons, hatchbacks and a crossover.

Before you buy a Honda Accord in Uganda

The Honda Accord has been famous worldwide because of its distinct style and performance. This sporty middle-class sedan is loved by many because of its user-friendly features that continue to adapt through the years.

It was first introduced in 1976 and has enjoyed continued success. It is powered by an inline-four engine with AT as the standard transmission. MT is available for 2008 and older models.

Forward Wheel Drive (FWD) is the standard drive system while Four Wheel Drive (4WD) is available from 1997 to 2008 models. So, before you buy the Honda Accord, its better to be sure about the type of drive system that will work for you.

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Buying a foreign used Honda Accord from a Ugandan car bond

Buying a Honda Accord from the car bond in and around Kampala makes things bit simpler for you because you will not have to face all the lengthy processes and journeys to the port to own the car. You will find that most of the work has already been done. Most taxes have been cleared.

All you have to do is simply pay for the Honda Accord car from the car bond dealer and the car is transferred to you.

However, you can also find that some Honda Accord cars have only cleared the CIF fees only. So it would mean that if you want to buy a Honda Accord in that state then you will have to clear the rest of the taxes.

You can find the Cost, Insurance and Freight of a Honda Accord (that is from Japan to Kampala) to be around $ 3,000 or even above as stated by the car bond dealers. However, the total sum of the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) can change due to year of manufacture, condition of the car, mileage and the dealer you choose to buy the car from.

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Importing a foreign used Honda Accord from Japan

Importing a foreign used Honda Accord from Japan is different from buying one from the car bond here in Kampala, Uganda. Some people prefer to import their own cars directly from Japan. This means all the costs are going to be met by you the owner of the car right from say Japan to Mombasa up to Uganda.

In Uganda,one needs to determine the cost of the car while still in Japan from which the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) are calculated. For example a Honda Accord model 2005 costing $ 3,992 will make a total Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) of about $ 6,195 in order to be brought up to Kampala, Uganda.

After arriving in Kampala, then the required taxes charged by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) have to be cleared. The taxes charged by the Uganda Revenue Authority include Import Duty, Value added (VAT), Withholding Tax, Environmental Levy, Infrastructure Levy, and Registration Fees basing on the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) of the Honda Accord from Japan.

Availability of Honda Accord spare parts in Uganda

Honda spares parts are available though it could be hard for those with the latest models. One can access those spares from down town or send for them from abroad.

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Honda Accord competitors in Uganda

We have the Mazda, Ford Fusion Toyota Camry Ford Fusion, Toyota Mark II and Honda Civic.

Our Final verdict

Honda accord is generally a reliable car here in Uganda. One can own it and use for while encountering low maintenance costs on both fuel and mechanical conditions. Good luck on your new car

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