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Before you buy a Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper in Uganda

by Edwin,

Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper is mainly used to ferry sand, stones and cement to and in construction sites.

Before you buy a Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper in Uganda

The Dongfeng KR is a reliable truck, performing efficient power with low emissions and has a human-oriented design. It has reached a total sale of more than 200,000 units. The truck is frequently used as a municipal sanitation vehicle plus for urban and intercity transport logistics. The Dongfeng KR truck is frequently used for medium duty construction works.

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Buying a Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper from a local Ugandan dealer or bond

Some of the profound car bonds in Uganda can avail you with this heavy duty truck. Since most of the cars and trucks used in Uganda come from Asian specifically Japan and china, it is too easy to access the Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper. These car bonds have them imported into the country both new and foreign used.

So all you have to do is to pay a visit to car bond and see if they can avail you a Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper. It is better to inspect the truck first before making the payment in case you are buying a foreign used as normally such trucks and cars may have detrimental damages that may again be so expensive for you to fix.

However, if you are buying a new one, then everything about the truck mechanics will be ok. No worries on that. I would recommend you to make your through research before you choose to buy your truck as this will give you more insight and knowledge about what your really need.

Importing a Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper in Uganda

Now this is different from buying from car from the car bond here in Kampala. Some people prefer to import their own dumper directly from Japan or from any other part of the world. You have to follow a procedure similar to the one stated below.

Search and select dumper to buy from Japanese Used Car Portal Websites or from any other part of the world. Send Inquiry for price, condition, etc of the truck. The dealers will respond you directly by Email.
Watch out for fake e-mails as many scams may con you for money. After that you negotiate with the Japanese dealer for a price that fits your budget.

Request for a proforma invoice, place your order and make payment which may be either through bank wire or VISA. The seller will inform you about the following things like the Payment Confirmation, Shipping Schedule, B/L copy, Original Document and then you receive the order in this case the Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper.

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General Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper key features and reviews for Uganda

Dongfeng DDi45 engine is in line with Euro4 and potentially with Euro5, with the displacement of 4.75 litre. Electronically controlled pre-injection and post-positioned gear chamber will perfectly control the noise.

All forward gears are synchronized. The gear shifting is accurate and smooth.
The design of top cover is optimized. The height is reduced, which makes the control more comfortable and suitable for the vehicle arrangement.

Advanced software is used to analyze and optimize the design. This makes the gearbox more advanced and reliable. The light weight design produces more value for customers. Power takeoff is optional on both sides. The max output torque is 650 Nm. Vortex retarder is optional. Velocity ratio and interface of odometer may be designed as required.

Large torque output and wide ratio range. Integrated main reducer housing introduces the light weight, high strength and good sealing, high-specification bearing ensures the reliability of transmission parts. The patented lubricating pump technology of middle axle, will effectively prevent the burn-out of bearing.

The modern cab is designed with driver in focus. Comfortable flexible and easy adjustable seating. Easy and safe entrance into the cab. All instruments and controls are easy to read and reach from the driver’s position. Good visibility, supported by exterior large mirrors. Equipped with front window wiper and washer, power-operated windows, airbag, central locking.

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Alternatives of Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper in Uganda

Alternatives include Isuzu 4x2 dumpers, HOWO truck dumper, FUSO 4x 2 dumpers.

Availability of the Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper spare parts in Uganda

Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper originates from China, it makes it easy to import the spare parts. Car dealers find it a lot easier to import from China to Uganda unlike other countries like those from Europe.

Reasons why people buy the Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper in Uganda

The truck is typically used for transporting assignments range from sand, stones, cement to general cargo and light goods here in Uganda.
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Our verdict

If you are in Uganda and you are in need of a 4 x 2 but with a relatively low budget, the Donfeng KR 4x 2 Dumper is there for you to try out. With improvements in technology by its manufactures in china, it could be a good option if the Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volvos are way out of your reach.

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