Before you buy a Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor in Uganda

by Edwin,

Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor is a new entrant in the Ugandan tractor market and is mainly used for a number of things in Uganda like ploughing in farms, government projects and hiring services.

Buying a Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor from a local Ugandan dealer or bond

Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor is a new tractor in Uganda with an authorised distributor in the country. So if you feel you need a Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor, you will have to go the authorised dealer to buy yourself one. You will get all the advice you need from the dealer or distributor about the tractor.

Another advantage about buying your Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor from the country distributor is that you get to enjoy servicing from the real company as a promotion or bonus something that you may not get from a seller who is not out of the country.

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Importing a Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor in Uganda

If you want to import for yourself a Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor then you have a lot to consider. This is so because Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor has an authorised dealer in Uganda. We have had some people in spite of this still insist on importing their own pick-up trucks. Well, if you are one those few then am certain that you will be referred back the country distributor.

However, you be opting in for a foreign used Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor. You can have this guide to help you through the procedure. Just to follow up should you find yourself ordering the Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor online. Search and select Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor to buy from a Tractor Portal Websites. Send in an Inquiry for the price, condition, etc of the Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor. The dealers will respond you directly by Email although some may prefer to call and speak to you.
Watch out for fake e-mails as many scams may con you for money. After that you negotiate with the dealer for a price that fits your budget.

Request for a proforma invoice, place your order and make payment which may be either through bank wire or VISA. The seller will inform you about the following things like the Payment Confirmation, Shipping Schedule, B/L copy, Original Document and then you receive the order in this case the Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor.

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General Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor features or reviews for Uganda

This latest version is powered by 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine and is Tier 4-compliant using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and AdBlue technology.
There are six models in the 6 cylinder, 6 Series range starting with the 135hp (101kW) 6140 up to the 6210 that has a power output of 208hp (155kW).All are running the same Deutz turbocharged common rail diesel engine. Two oil-lubricated fuel pumps ensure there is never a drop in pressure within the system. Lubrication of the pumps is not dependent on the quality of the fuel.

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I believe the stand out feature is the C Shift, or Comfort Shift transmission. Out of all the features of a tractor that has evolved over the years it’s probably the transmission that has advanced the furthest.

From clunky old crash boxes we now have gearboxes that operate electronically, require no clutching and can shuttle between forward and reverse with a flick of a button.
The 6160 C is equipped with a ZF 7200 IRS, Intelligent Range Shift, transmission capable of reaching a maximum speed of 50km/h.
It’s a six-range, semi-automatic, by 4-speed transmission with creeper speed in the first four ranges to provide a total of 40 options going forward matched by 40 in reverse. No clutching is required for any gear change.
Pushing forward or pulling back on the PowerComS joystick changes up and down through the four power shift gears.

To instigate a range change I push or pull on the joystick while simultaneously pressing the enable button on the back of the joystick. It has speed matching to smooth out range changes.
When placed in automatic mode, by pressing the APS button on the joystick, the transmission automatically selects and continues to change to the appropriate power shift gear to best suit the speed and load. It can only make automatic power shift gear changes and is not capable of automatic range changes.

I go on a short drive up the track in auto mode and without any input from me it changed up gears as I accelerate just like an automatic car. As we head up a hill and the load increases, the 6160 C just very smoothly changes down a gear and powers on up.

A LED screen on the front right-hand side cabin pillar tells me if the tractor is in neutral, forward or reverse. It also shows me what range, power shift gear and whether the transmission is in manual or automatic mode. From the moment I jump behind the wheel I feel I am in complete control.

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Cab and controls
Deutz’s trademark cabin layout and operator visibility has not been compromised in the new 6 Series. All the controls are colour-coded and grouped together for convenience on the multifunction armrest.
The first two sets of hydraulics, three point linkage (TPL), transmission and power shuttle can be accessed via buttons on the joystick, so for most work the drivers hand doesn’t have to come of the PowerComS joystick.

The third and fourth hydraulic remotes are assigned to a second joystick on the armrest. Yellow levers on the armrest select either 540, 540E, 1,000 or 1,000E power take-off (PTO) speed while electronic buttons engage and disengage the PTO.
The 6160 C has all the features we have come to expect in the top end tractors like hydraulic oil flow rate and timers, linkage drop speeds and safety shut offs on the PTO when lifting implements.

Visibility is again exceptional and even though it’s a six-pillar cab it’s as good as you get. A sunroof with slide back sun visor is great for front end loader work. There are two inside cabin mounted rear-view mirrors to help aid vision out the back.
There is nowhere in the cab to mount extra monitors and because Deutz doesn’t manufacture one Jamie was forced to design, manufacture and install one himself.

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To test the tractor’s hydraulic capabilities, George says we can hitch up the Westhill land plane and do a bit of track grading. What he doesn’t tell us is that it’s parked in his 6x3 shed.
Now this wouldn’t be a big deal if we could tow the land plane straight out the end of the shed but the 2.5m x 5m long grader has to be taken out a 3m-wide opening on the side of the shed.
At first look it seems to be an impossible task to accomplish but George assures me that with a bit of skill and patience it can be done.

We hook up four sets of hydraulic hoses then by lifting and twisting the blade while slowly creeping forward and operating the hydraulic rear steer wheels it slowly snaked its way out of the shed.
The fact we can operate two sets of hydraulic remotes from buttons on the joystick certainly makes the task easier.

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Availability of Deutz-Fahr 6160C tractor Spares parts in Uganda

For a tractor brand with an authorised distributor in the country spare parts shouldn’t be a problem. However, there are times when they may be readily available ding to be due to high demand. In this case you may encounter some delays as new batches are ordered for and waiting to be imported. Never the less, you the best prices and high quality of the spare parts of the tractor.

Our Conclusion

We placed a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t and we find that this tractor is worth every bit of its $159,900 price tag.

It’s well balanced and with a great tyre package gets great traction. Attention to detail is reflected in an exceptional LED light package and little things like a fuse box that’s easy to access.
In fact there isn’t much to criticise about the 6160 C Shift, which represents the latest in Deutz’s line-up.

It’s a great looking tractor and apart from the paintwork bears little resemblance to the boxy shaped earlier models or the ones that followed with over exaggerated sloping bonnets.

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