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Before you buy a 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Tandem Vibratory Roller in Uganda

by Edwin,+256795222862/+256704515368

The BW120AD-4 Tandem vibrator is used in construction sites to compact gravel, soil and concrete. This helps to help level the ground and compact the material together in order to strengthen it.

Before you buy a 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Tandem Vibratory Roller in Uganda

Vibratory rollers play an essential role in any compaction project. Whichever brand you choose, you can guarantee that they can deliver great and smooth performance on soft base materials, including soil, concrete, and gravel. These reliable machines are very simple to operate, too, and sometimes come at a fair price, especially if you’re going to purchase a used unit. Now, if you have an upcoming project and in need of an affordable tandem vibratory roller to help you tackle the job, we can share with you some of the best models that we know. Let’s start with the BW120AD-4 from Bomag. This model sports numerous outstanding capabilities and features, which I will be detailing one by one in guide review below.

Click here to buy, hire a 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Vibratory Roller or 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Vibratory Roller parts and servicing in Uganda

Buying a foreign used/ new 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Tandem Vibratory Roller in a Ugandan

In case you opt to 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller from the a bond in and around Kampala, then things could be a little bit more simpler for you because you will not have to face all the lengthy processes and journeys to the port of Mombasa to bring own the bus. Here most of the work has already been done for you. Most taxes have been cleared.

All you have to do is simply pay for the car from the car bond and drive home. However, you can also find that some cars have only cleared the Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) fees only. This would mean that if you want 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller then you will have to clear the rest of the taxes. You can find the Cost, Insurance and Freight of a premium 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller (that is from Japan to Kampala) to be around $30,000 or even above. However, the total sum of the CIF can change due to year of manufacture, condition of the compactor and the dealer.

Importing a foreign used 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller from Japan or any other part of the world

This is different from buying from 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller from a car heavy machinery bond here in Kampala. You may prefer to import your2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller directly from Japan or from any other part of the world like Germany. You have to follow a procedure similar to the one stated below.

Search and select 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller to buy from Japanese Used Car Portal Websites or from any other part of the world like Europe. Send Inquiry for price, condition, etc of the 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller. The dealers will respond you directly by Email although some may prefer to call and speak to you.

Watch out for fake e-mails as many scams may con you for money. After that you negotiate with the dealer for a price that fits your budget.
Request for a proforma invoice, place your order and make payment which may be either through bank wire or VISA. The seller will inform you about the following things like the Payment Confirmation, Shipping Schedule, B/L copy, Original Document and then you receive the order in this case the 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller.

However should you wish to get help in buying a brand new 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you buy a brand new 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller and delivered right to you here in Uganda.

Click here to buy, hire a 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller or 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller parts and servicing in Uganda

General 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller reviews and features for Uganda

What I like about the BW120AD-4 is the fact that it has become the “benchmark” for other vibratory roller equipment on the market. It has emerged to be a key player in the industry, and I bet that’s because of the excellent power that it delivers. Particularly, this model incorporates a strong Kubota D 1703 M diesel engine that produces 34.3 hp. It complies with the Tier 4i emission standards, and does operate very quietly.

When it comes to compacting performance, the 2.7T BW120AD-4 won’t also disappoint. It sports two vibration frequencies that deliver smooth results on materials like asphalt, gravel, and concrete. Both large drums also have the ability to minimize crashing and pushing of mat surfaces. Therefore, providing that high-quality finish. What more impressive is that you can choose to shut down the vibration of the rear drum so you can prevent over compaction and damages to sensitive material types.

The Bomag BW120AD-4 is one of the many rollers that can offer utmost versatility. Given its extreme power and performance, this equipment can handle various applications. These include granular sub-base compaction, road rehabilitation & patching, and driveways building. You can utilize it on different material types, too.

Another thing that I love about the model is that it provides peace of mind as we tackle the tough job. Aside from its FOPS seat with safety belts, the operator’s platform is vibration-isolated, thus, helping you experience a fatigue-free operation. Its drum support legs are slanted, too, giving you a nice and clear vision of the drum edges. With this, you can now work closely to obstructions and in narrow areas.

Additionally, the BW120AD-4 brings a fully hydrostatic travel design. It offers a responsive and smooth control. All levers and position throttle controls in the station are nicely laid out too for easy reach and safe ride.

Alternatives of 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller in Uganda

We have a number of alternatives you can consider while in Uganda and some of the most prominent ones include the Caterpillar (CAT), Volvo, CASE and JCB.
Click here to buy, hire a 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller or 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller parts and servicing in Uganda

Availability of the 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller spare parts in Uganda

Of late many people have picked interest in importing spare parts of heavy machinery such as the 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller unlike before where the company owners imported their own spare parts. If you happen to visit heavy machinery spare shops in down town Kampala, you will most probably find all the parts you need.
However you should fail to find what you need for a particular Bomag model, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in that regard.

Reasons why people buy the 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller in Uganda

Let’s agree, though putting in mind obvious things are not always obvious, the 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller is basically bought and used for ground excavation and minor soil loading. In summary, the JCB 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller is a great fit for: Government / Municipalities, Residential Construction, Roads & Bridges, Rental, Non-Residential Construction, Utilities, Landscaping and agriculture.

Our Conclusion

If you are in the market for compaction and feel it’s time to look around for something that you may not have considered before may we suggest you have a look at the new range of compactors from Bomag Construction Equipment. Like us, we think you will be suitably impressed.

Click here to buy, hire a 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller or 2011 Bomag BW120AD-4 Roller parts and servicing in Uganda

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