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Before you buy a 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-Cycle in Uganda

by Edwin

Introducing the new R 1200 R, BMW Motorrad is continuing a long tradition in the production of roadster motorcycles and is proudly presenting a worthy successor to the very successful R 1150 R.

Before you buy a 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-Cycle in Uganda

It is equally obvious that the outstanding all-round qualities of the Roadster have contributed to the great success of this type of motor¬cycle in the market and will be borne out even more signifi¬cantly in future by the R 1200 R. Indeed, this new Roadster takes up the gen¬eral trend towards enhanced dynamics without neglecting the streng¬ths of the basic concept, combining a significantly higher standard of agility with excellent all-round touring qualities.

The 1,200-cc power unit develops 80 kW/109 hp and thus exceeds the output of the former engine by almost 28%. This flat-twin pow¬er unit comes with the same level of development already boasted in the R 1200 RT, with the oil cooler on the new Roadster now fitted be¬hind the wheel fork.

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Buying a foreign used 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-Cycle from Uganda

There are a number of places in Uganda specifically Kampala from which you can buy 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-bike. However, you have to do good research in order to find a reputable car bond or dealer who will be able to provide you with the car that will meet your needs and above all genuinely imported into Uganda.

You need to look out for prices and discounts. Local car bonds may not charge the same prices for the same car. Prices of the 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-bike may be affected by mileage of the Sports Motor-bike, condition of the Sports Motor-bike, model, and year of manufacture.

Depending on your dealer and other factors mentioned above, the 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-bike may cost around 25,000,000/- or even more depending from where you buy it.

It is also important to take some time and do some research about the Sports Motor-bike you want to buy. You could find good Sports Motor-bikes at good prices if you do take some time in researching about them and make all necessary consultations. I don’t recommend rushing especially if it’s your first time to buy one.

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Importing a foreign Used 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-Cycle from Japan or other parts of the world

In case if you prefer to import your own 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-Cycle from say Japan, Europe and of late Dubai, things change a bit. First it would require you to find a trusted dealer or seller in that regard, determine your specific car features and requirements, expected budget you plan to spend on buying the 2007 BMW R 1200 R and well calculated taxes to be paid to the tax authorities in order to clear 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-bike here in Uganda.

The taxes charged by the Uganda Revenue Authority include Import Duty, Value added (VAT), Withholding Tax, Environmental Levy, Infrastructure Levy, and Registration Fees basing on the Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) of the 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-bike from Japan.

On arrival to Kampala, Uganda, you will have to clear the taxes at The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), apply and pay for a number plate and then the third party license. You will also notice the some of these charges or fees differ from other motor-cycles.

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General 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-Cycle reviews for Uganda

Design and colour concept: The new BMW R 1200 R is a truly timeless, classic Roadster with ex¬cellent all-round qualities and unique character now further en¬hanced by the machine’s even higher level of dynamic performance. So it is only natural to reflect these superior features clearly and convincingly in the design of the motorcycle.

Compact in its overall proportions, the new R 1200 R consciously features body components reduced in terms of their form and style in order to highlight the technical features of the drivetrain and, in par¬tic¬ular, of the power unit.

In its high-class look, the headlight also pays tribute to classic motorcycle design then carried forward to the most modern and advanced technology through the free-form re¬flec¬tors. Indeed, close integration of the headlight into the overall line of the motorcycle creates an almost “bullish” front end harmonising smoothly with the slender proportions of the rear section.

Suspension technology of the highest standard: Like its RT and ST counterparts, the BMW R 1200 R features a two-piece frame integrating the engine as a load-bearing element. While the front half of the frame comes from the RT, both the steering head angle and wheel castor have been specifically modified to meet the demands made of the new Roadster. A brand-new feature is the rear tubular space frame structure lighter in weight than comparable components and helping to give the rear section of the machine its light and nimble appearance.

Electronic immobilizer: To make sure that the new R 1200 R remains in the hands of its rightful owner at all times, an electronic immobiliser comes as standard on the new Roadster and is fully integrated in the data bus network described above. Like on a modern car, the ignition key incorporates a coded data chip communicating via a ring aerial in the ignition lock with the electronic engine management. Verifying the data exchanged in this way, the system clears the ignition and fuel supply for instant use once the data has been confirmed and then allows the rightful rider to start the engine.

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Availability of 2007 BMW R 1200 R Sports Motor-Cycle Spares parts in Uganda

Spares are readily available in Uganda. Go to any major motor-bike garage around Kampala and you will get amicable assistance. Should fail to find the spares you want then we would suggest importing them from abroad.

Our Verdict

Last but certainly not least, the particularly wide range of optional extras and special equipment allows the customer to personalize the design and features of this classic all-rounder. All the best on your new bike!

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