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How to grow BARLEY in Uganda

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Barley Plantation in UgandaBarley Plantation in Uganda

Barley is another cereal of importance grown mainly for brewing and sometimes as an animal feed supplement. 

The crop is considered the oldest cultivated cereal as excavations in Egypt indicated its existence as early as the 18000 years ago.

Common Barley varieties in Uganda

There are mainly 3 varieties on market which include;

Nguzo-this is the hybrid type with the best yield capacity. Other local varieties include Sabini and Karen.

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Soil requirements for growing Barley in Africa 

Barley can be grown on a wide range of soil types; ranging from heavy clays to light or sandy loam soils. It grows well on fertile, deep loam soils with a pH of 6 to 7.5.

How to propagate Barley on your farm 

Barley plants are best started using seeds. 

To gain profitably you should use viable seed without insect damage or contaminants. 

Seeds usually take 1 to 3 days to germinate.

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How to plant Barley in Uganda

Prepare the field early by removing barriers and level the ground as this helps in making a fine seeding site. 

Open up trenches 3-4cm deep, then thinly spread barley seeds on the walls of the trench.

Rake the soils to thinly cover the seeds and now wait for about 3 days for new sprouts. 

We use row trenches to help control weeds easily

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How best to Harvest Barley in Africa 

It takes between 3-4 months for you to acquire fully grown barley. 

At this period the barley has turned from green to golden with stalks mottled and brittle.

Harvesting is generally done by hand using a sickle. 

Cut the stalks just above the ground and gather them in piles for drying.

About the Market for Barley in Uganda 

The major markets for barley in Uganda are the brewing companies which take up 90% of barley grown by farmers. 

Other consumers of barley include fish farms which use barley as an algaecide to naturally reduce algae growth in fish ponds. 

To a small extent the livestock industry is also using barley as grass supplement to their animal feeds

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Quick Tips for planting Barley in Africa 

  • Clear up the field meant for planting as early as possible.
  • Planting should always be focused at the onset of the rains.
  • Make trenches in rows of about 3-4 cm deep.
  • Thinly spread barley seeds on the trench walls.
  • Then gently rake the soil to get better soil contact with the soil.
  • The seeds shall germinate in abut 1-3 days.
  • Have a fertilization routine and a pest and disease regime for common fungal and viral diseases.
  • Harvest your barley at 3-4 months from sowing and use it for the intended purpose.

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