Bad Driving Habits to Avoid when on Ugandan Roads

Speeding. The faster you drive the higher your chances of getting fatal injuries if you are involved in an accident. Also higher speeds results in reduced reaction time. The speed limit shows us the allowed safe speed to drive.

Drinking and driving. This is one of the leading causes of fatal road accidents.

Not wearing a seat-belt. Seat belts save lives! A crash at 30 mph without a seat belt is like falling off of a three-story building.

Tail gating. Always create some space between you and other drivers.

Disregarding weather and road conditions. When the conditions change outside so should your driving. Due to rain or traffic, you may have to drive slower the norm.

Not using your indicators. Forgetting to use your indicator or using them when it is too late is dangerous. The purpose of the indicator is to alert all other drivers that you are going move in a certain direction.

Talking on phone while driving. If you have to talk on your phone while driving use a hands-free device.

No courtesy. Not being considerate of other roads user is a bad driving habit.

Ignoring traffic signs. Traffic signs are there for your safety; don't put your safety in jeopardy by ignoring them.

Not paying attention. Pay attention and listen up. Check your mirrors and blind spots (turn head slightly). Look at the traffic in front of you, and around you. Look for stalled cars, pot holes and objects in the road. Make sure there are no distractions inside the car too.

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