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At Risk Child-Youths Uganda a project by Buena Charity Services (bcsu)

by JONATHAN MUGERWA, WhatsApp:+256780555355, +256754705208 . Email:

At Risk Children and Youth in Uganda

At Risk Children and Youth in Uganda

Dear Friends and Partners :

We are pleased to introduce the At Risk Child-Youths Uganda a project by Buena Charity Services (bcsu), a non profit organization on Child Abuse and Neglect striving to ensure that children in Uganda are safe and secure, in a nurturing environments.

However, we all know this cannot be done without providing support to families in strong communities. Therefore, the focus of this year’s initiative is “Keeping Children Safe and Families Strong in Supportive Communities.”

This is a Platform offering trusted information, strategies, and resources to help communities support and strengthen families and promote the well-being of children and youth.

Child abuse and neglect is a national issue that affects us all. The consequences of child abuse and neglect ripple across the lifespan, negatively impacting a child’s chances to succeed in school, work, and relationships. The Administration on Children, Youth and Families supports the promotion of meaningful and measurable results in social and emotional well-being, and we continue to support evidence-based and trauma-informed services and practices to achieve positive outcomes for the children, families, and communities we serve.

We are striving to offering support to community service providers as they work with parents, caregivers, and children to prevent child maltreatment and promote social and emotional well-being. To archive our objectives, At Risk Child-Youths Uganda and Buena Charity Services (bcsu), focuses on protective factors that build and rebuild on family strengths and promote optimal child and youth development.

Information about protective factors is augmented with tools and strategies that help providers integrate the factors into community programs and systems. Agencies, policymakers, advocates, service providers, and parents alike will use of us and our platform, to position partner with us promote these important elements within the families and communities that need them most.

Effective early prevention efforts are less costly to our nation and to individuals than trying to repair the adverse effects of child neglect.

We thank you for participating in this important effort and for the work you do each day to build promising futures for our nation’s children and families.

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