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ACHELIS Uganda eyes investments in Mini Hydro power Projects


ACHELIS Uganda, a subsidiary of Achelis International, plans to invest in the construction of small hydro power stations to boost the country's electricity output. Unveiling their intention at the Sheraton Hotel, Achelis Head of Energy Division Mr. Andreas Borck said already feasibility studies are being carried out on potential power sites.

"We are looking for right sites and good conditions possible for investment in small hydro power stations," he said.

Borck wants government to offer them tenders to construct mini hydro power stations in rural areas to ease the high electricity tariffs experienced by many Ugandans.

"We need clear guidelines for bigger investments in as small hydro power stations. Government should promote these projects through public private partnerships," he said.

He justified why they are interested in mini hydro power projects, explaining that they are easy to manage. Borck advised Government to focus more on mini hydro power projects just as it is in Rwanda and Burundi.

"Currently these two countries are not experiencing power shortage because much effort has been dedicated on developing small hydro power projects," he said.

Some of the projects that have been developed in Rwanda include the Rukarara small hydro power project that cost $23.5m. Others include the Nyabarango hydro power project that produces 28MW and the ongoing Rusumo project. The general manager Achelis Uganda, Mr. Hans George Hinterberger, advocates for the need for government guarantees to those investing in mini hydropower projects.

"We need urgent support in form of guarantees to enable private companies invest in hydro power projects in rural areas," he said.

Nine out of ten Ugandans do not have access to electricity.

The Observer Newspaper

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