Uganda Tourism Investment Opportunities

You're all geared up and you must find some profitable Tourism Investment Opportunities in Africa.

You've probably heard some of your friends lamenting how they lost their money in stocks during the recent global economic recession and you don't wish to risk all your hard earned dimes in the same basket.

You therefore feel it is wise to use some of your saving to start a Tourism business in Africa.

You may also have visited Uganda at some past time, and you appreciated the friendly people and the beautiful all year summer weather.

You now want to start your own Uganda tourism business but you are not sure which specific Opportunities exist.

On this page we show you some of the attractive Tourism Investment Opportunities in Uganda ,so that you can make an informed Investment decision.

You will find Uganda information on these six (6) major Tourism Investment Opportunities

  • Tour Operators
  • Water Sports
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Conference and Incentives Travel, and
  • National Park Concessions

Tour Operators

There are many Tourism Investment opportunities for new and innovative tour operators who have international contacts and are able to market Uganda internationally as a new destination based on these special attractions.

These include:

  • Adventure Holidays
  • Sport Fishing
  • Eco-tourism
  • Avi-Tourism- BirdWatching

Uganda is emerging as a long-haul destination, especially for specialty tours. Uganda is increasingly seen as un up-scale tourist destination with a mix of ecological flavor and limited adventure. This is an area where future growth is expected. Continued growth will depend on strengthening links with Tour operators servicing the regional market so as to develop and exploit multi-destination packages, for which Uganda has unique inputs like the rare mountain gorilla.


Water Sports

Lake Victoria and other water bodies have been underused as a potential tourist attraction. Opportunities abound to take advantage of Uganda’s considerable water bodies including the launch of luxury boat cruises on Lake Albert and Lake Victoria.

Currently, this is an area that is still largely unexploited. If you could invest in boating services on the lakes and rivers of Uganda you would create a unique tourist experience, more especially if your services extended across the popular water bodies such as the River Nile and Lake Victoria.

Potential routes include multi-destination tours such as the Mwanza (Tanzania)/Port Bell(Uganda) route or the Port Bell (Uganda)/Kisumu (Kenya) route.

Water sports such as:

  • White water rafting,
  • Skiing, and
  • Boat racing are also potential opportunities.

Tourism Accommodation

The three (3) major Tourism Investment Opportunities in the Tourism Accommodation sub-sector include:

National Park Concession Tourism Investment Opportunities

There are still a number of opportunities to secure long-term concessions in Uganda’s National Parks, either through the rehabilitation of existing facilities or though the construction of new service in both the old and newly designated parks.

There substantial numbers of contracts expected for the rehabilitation and refurbishment of various tourist properties in the Uganda National parks. The Uganda Wild Life Authority has in, recent years, awarded over ten (10) concessions to companies, which operate rest camps, and lodges inside the national parks.

For more information on the status of concessions issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority please contact us.

Below is a list of selected concession Tourism Investment Opportunities that have been issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority since 2003.

Protected Area Concession Type Required Developments Capacity
Queen Elizabeth National Park Expansion and Renovation of Mweya Marina on Kazinga Channel Expand Channel Ferry
Two (2) Launches at 40 seater 40 Seater
4 Motor Boats at 8 seater 32 Seater
Marina Station
Marina Maintenance Unit
Self Catering Units at Mweya Adaptive use of 4 UWA senior staff Houses  30 beds
A Permanent Tented Camp in Ishasha 15 Tents each with two(2) Beds 30 beds
Kyambura Wildlife Reserve A new Marina Complex at Kashaka Four (4) Overnight House boats each with Eight (8) Tourists 32
Four (4) day-use Motor Boats attached to Houseboats each with Eight (8) tourists 32 Seater
Four (4) day-use Rental Motor Boats each with Eight (8) Tourists 32 Seater
A new Lodge and Permanent Tented Camp at Lake Bagusa Lodge and/or Tented Camp 50 Beds
Lake Mburo National Park New Banda Accommodation near Lake Mburo across the Lakeside  track Six(6) Self Contained Bandas each with two (2) beds 12 Beds
2 Self contained bandas each with four (4) beds 8 Beds
Murchison Falls National Park Pakuba accommodation to replace the existing relict structures. New facility to located on a nearby site
Sport Fishing concessions along the Nile at Kiba Ayoga
Karuma and Bugungu Wildlife Reserves Concessions to manage the two(2) reserves with possible sport hunting option

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