Consider touring Kibale National Park if you're planning a true African Safari in an undisturbed tropical forest.

Your vacation to Kibale National Park would be a great bargain at the end of a tight scheduled business trip to Uganda.

On this page we share with you some of the most important information you need to know about this Uganda National park before you make your final vacation plans.

Elephants in a Uganda National Park, Africa

You will find info on

  • How to get there,
  • where to stay,
  • The most captivating attractions within the forest, and
  • The best way to end your day's adventure

Where to find Kibale National Park?

Kibale National park is found in one of the most beautiful forests in Uganda. The park is a protected area of 795km sq.

On your way from Fort Portal to Kamwenge, the murram road with pure red earth passes through a valley. Over rolling hills the road winds itself like a snake through a tea plantation that gives you way to the forest!

The park has shady forest trails, age- old trees & over 330 species of birds! So this could be one of the places you could go for bird watching if you are a birdwatcher!!

Where to stay?

The Primates lodge an eco-friendly complex is nestled at the park’s tourism centre, Kanyanchu. Like its name, Primates lodge has chimpanzees that “sing at night!” & monkeys that tell “bed time stories!”

The lodge has accommodation for all budgets depending on your wallet! It has a camping site for the low- budget visitor and luxury tents & cottages for those with a heavy pocket!

The luxury tents go for US $ 290/ night but trust me its money’s worth in this secluded jungle! There are eight self-contained tents on raised plat forms beautifully decorated with an African touch! Grass thatched roofs, bed spreads made of local fabrics kikoy & the hard wood floor is covered by artistically made goat’s skin!! The rooms have modern en-suite.

Outside the tent on the verandah, there are simple low lying chairs for visitors to relax & absorb what tropical rain forest has to offer. The serenity, tranquility & pure air to breath! Birds singing! There are walk ways which are paved & meander to the tents so you can’t get lost.

Captivating attractions within the National Park

This beautiful Kibale forest is a home to the largest number of chimps as well as the red Colobus monkey.

The forest has one of the highest diversity & density of primates in Africa with a total of 113 species including Bush babies (Galagoes),

The Red tailed monkey (Cercopithecus ascinius), the black and white Colobus monkey (Colobus guereza), Grey- cheeked mangabey (Cercocebus algigena),

the Blue monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) & the Pottos (Perodicticus potto)

The bush babies & pottos are nocturnal primates therefore seldom observed because of their nocturnal habits. The bush baby has a piercing cry that is very distinctive. So if you want to see these most probably you have to join the guided night walks in the forest.

The lodge has a tree house which is one of the most attractive commodities at the lodge.

Planted high up in a tree at the edge of a swamp where elephants usually turn up in big numbers to drink water & have a bath! especially if it has rained.

One of the other outdoor activities you should look for is chimp tracking since the forest has 1,150 individual chimpanzees which have been habituated.

Other adventures in this park include guided forest walks. The walks can be long two-four hours & 12km hike.

For those who are strong & able, they can go for 64km guided forest walk which takes two to six days & it passes through many habitats & local communities.

The best way to end your day's adventure

At the end of your day’s adventure, there is campfire at the Primates lodge.

The sparks, cracks from the camp fire adds to the beauty of the lodge just like being in another galaxy!

This is an ideal place to unwind & chat with new friends, tell stories……… you will hear peaceful sounds of nature, the elephants orchestra! Proving the bass while the bush babies give you the soprano!

Kibale forest & primates lodge gives you nature’s paradise in Uganda!

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