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Where and How to get the Uganda Visa


You will require a Uganda visa if you are not a citizen of Uganda as a pre-requisite before entering the country.A visa is a clearance permitting you to proceed to visit another country.

Your Passport Needs a Uganda Visa

Unlike USA and many European Visas where you must apply in advance at the nearest Embassy to acquire the visa, the Uganda Visa is best acquired at the immigration office at your point of entry upon arrival. However, you can also buy your entry permit in advance from any Ugandan Embassy or High commission nearest to you.

Acquiring the visa upon arrival at Entebbe Airport or any other overland boarder is cheaper and the process straight forward, moreover the chances of Visa denial are almost zero if you can meet the simple entry requirements.

Uganda uses a visa policy of reciprocity, meaning that if your country requires a visa for Ugandan citizens to enter, then you will also require a visa to enter Uganda.

Use the tips and information on this page to help you help you flawlessly acquire a Uganda Visa.

If you still have questions about acquiring visas for Uganda after reading this page, feel free to ask your visa question.

What you will find in this Uganda Visa Guide

Uganda Visa Requirements

  • Passports : You need a valid passport, one that is expiring at least 6 months from the date you enter Uganda

  • Sufficient Funds: No amount is currently specified by the immigration but having a Credit Card and a return ticket are good evidence to convince the immigration officer that you have enough money with you.

  • Return / Onward Tickets: This is your evidence to prove that you have enough money on you, however, if you posses a one-way ticket, be ready to do some explaining to the immigration officer who might think you do not have enough funds to buy a flight out the country.

    You will therefore need to present a visitor's pass for your next destination outside Uganda to avoid messing up your trip. You may actually have to buy a return ticket to your country before being allowed entry into Uganda, therefore, if you plan to leave the country overland, then organize your trip with an airline where a refund can be given for the unused ticket and at such dates and in search countries where you will be able to access the refund.

  • International Health Certificate: You may sometimes be requested to present this document to show that have received a yellow fever vaccine shot.

Entry Permit & Other Immigration Fees

Travel documents

  • Uganda passports (Diplomatic, Official, and ordinary) US$ 40
  • East African passport US$ 25
  • Conventional travel documents for refugees US$ 25
  • Temporary movement permit US$ 2.5
  • Certification fees US$ 10

  • Single entry visa US$ 50
  • Multiple entry visa (6-12 months) US$ 100
  • Multiple visa (24 months) US$ 150
  • Multiple visa (36 months) US$ 200
  • Student entry visa US$ 100
Work Permits

  • Class A2 (parastatal service) US$ 250 per year
  • Class B (Agriculture) US$ 500 per year
  • Class C (Mining) US$ 500 per year
  • Class D (Businessman) US$ 1500per year
  • Class E (manufacturing) US$ 500 per year
  • Class F (Professionals) US$ 750 per year
  • Class G (Expatriate employees) US$ 600 per year
  • Class G1 (Missionaries, NGOs & Volunteers) US$ 250 per year
  • Appeal fees US$ 500
  • Certificate of residence 5 years to CR life US$ 1,000
  • CR due to marriage US$ 250

  • Dependants citizenship 9 foreigners) US$ 500
  • Dependants citizenship 9 foreigners) US$ 500
  • Dual citizenship (Ugandans in Diaspora) US$ 400
  • Citizenship by registration US$ 1000
  • Citizenship by marriage ( to a Uganda) US$ 50

  • Illegal stay US$ 30 per day
  • Lost passport US$ 50
  • Mutilated/damaged passport US$ 50
  • Airlines/carrier fines for conveying inadmissible immigrants US$ 2500
  • Appeal fees US$ 500
After you have planned how you are going to acquire your Uganda visa, you can click on this link to plan other aspects of your business travel to Africa

Uganda Visa Exemption

Find out weather you qualify to be exempted from the Uganda visa requirements.

If you're a citizen of a COMESA (Common Market for East and Central Africa) country, then you're exempted, you will also be exempted if your country appears in the Others list below.

The list of COMESA Countries

  1. Angola
  2. Comoros
  3. Eritrea
  4. Kenya
  5. Malawi
  6. Mauritius
  7. Madagascar
  8. Rwanda
  9. Seychelles
  10. Swaziland
  11. Tanzania
  12. Zambia
  13. Zimbabwe

Other Exempted Countries

  1. Antigua
  2. Bahamas
  3. Barbados
  4. Belize
  5. Fiji
  6. Gambia
  7. Grenada
  8. Jamaica
  9. Lesotho
  10. Malta
  11. Sierra Leone
  12. Singapore
  13. Solomon Islands
  14. st. Vincent
  15. Tonga
  16. Vanuatu
  17. Italy (only Diplomatic Passports)
  18. Cyprus

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Where to get your Uganda visa

You can get your entry permit to Uganda in advance from any of the listed Uganda Embassies or High Commissions in your country. If non exists in your country don't hassle; simply book your return ticket to Uganda and plan to get your visa at Entebbe Airport or any other overland entry port immigration office upon arrival.

We have compiled for you a list contacts to Ugandan Embassies, High Commissions and Diplomatic missions abroad. Look through to see if there is one in your country.

  1. Ugandan Embassy in Buenos Aires , Argentina Embassy of Uganda in Argentina Esmeralda 1394 2DO A City: Buenos Aires Phone: +54-11-1544044656 Email:

  2. Ugandan Consulate in Buenos Aires , Argentina Consulate of Uganda in Argentina Av.da Santa 1460-4 to Oiso City: Buenos Aires Phone: +54-11-48153156

  3. Ugandan Consulate in Auburn, Australia Consulate of the Republic of Uganda in Australia 52 Edgar Street NSW 2144 City: Auburn Phone: 61 - 2 - 9646 4444 Fax: 61 - 2 - 9646 4443 Email:

  4. Ugandan Consulate in Vienna, Austria Consulate General of Uganda in Vienna, Austria A-1230 Wien Forchheimergasse 5 City: Vienna Phone: 0043 1 863 11 40 Fax: 0043 1 863 11 43 Email:

  5. Ugandan Embassy in Brussels, Belgium Embassy of Uganda in Belgium Avenue De Tervuren 317 1150 Brussels City: Brussels Phone: +3-22-7625825 Fax: +3-22-7630438 Email:

  6. Ugandan Embassy in Ottawa, Canada Embassy of Uganda in Canada 231, Cobourg Street City: Ottawa Phone: (+1-613)-7897797 / 7890110 / 7890133 Fax: +1-613-7898909 Email:

  7. Ugandan Consulate in Vancouver, Canada Consulate of Uganda in Canada City: Vancouver Phone: +1-604-6876631 Fax: +1-604-6875724

  8. Ugandan Embassy in Beijing, China Embassy of Uganda in China 5, San li tun Dong Jie City: Beijing Phone: (+86-10)-65321708 / 65321645 / 65322370 Fax: +86-10-65322242 Email:

  9. Ugandan Embassy in Kinshasa, Congo-Democratic Republic of Embassy of Uganda in Congo-Democratic Republic of Av des Cocotiers, Plot no. 15 Place Wenge, Commune de la Gombe City: Kinshasa Phone: +243 810 507 179 / +243 810 519260 Email:

  10. Ugandan Consulate in Larnaca, Cyprus Consulate of Uganda in Cyprus 8 Thiras street Livadia City: Larnaca Phone: +357-24669700 Fax: +357-24667900 Email:

  11. Ugandan Embassy in Hellerup, Denmark Embassy of Uganda in Denmark Sofievej 15, DK-2900 City: Hellerup Phone: +45-39-620966 / +45-39-610148 Email:

  12. Ugandan Embassy in Cairo, Egypt Embassy of Uganda in Egypt 66 Road 10 Maadi City: Cairo Phone: +20-2-3802514 / +20-2-3802489 Fax: +20-2-3802504 Email:

  13. Ugandan Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Embassy of Uganda in Ethiopia Kirkos Kifle Ketema, Kebele 35, H. No. 031 City: Addis Ababa Phone: +251-1-5513114 / +251-1-5513088 Fax: +251-1-5514355 Email:

  14. Ugandan Embassy in Paris, France Embassy of Uganda in France 13 Avenue Raymond Poincare City: Paris Phone: +33-1-56 90 12 20 Fax: +33-1-45 05 21 22 Email:

  15. Ugandan Consulate in Munich, Germany Honorary Consulate of Uganda in Munich, Germany Franz-Joseph-Strasse 38 D-80801 City: Munich Phone: (089) 331544 Fax: (089) 346866 Email:

  16. Ugandan Consulate in Budapest, Hungary Consulate of Uganda in Hungary József Nádor tér 9 City: Budapest Phone: +36-1-2661289 Fax: +36-1-2661285 Email:

  17. Ugandan Embassy in Tehran, Iran Embassy of Uganda in Iran 110 Malek Street, Shariati Avenue City: Tehran Phone: +98-21-77643335 / +98-21-77643336 Fax: +98-21-77643337 Email:

  18. Ugandan Embassy in Rome, Italy Embassy of Uganda in Italy Lungotevere dei Mellini, 44, Scala Valadier, int B City: Rome Phone: +39-6-3225220 / +39-6-3207232 Fax: +39-6-3213688 Email:

  19. Ugandan Consulate in Genova, Italy Consulate of Uganda in Italy Via Assarotti, 10/13 City: Genova Phone: +39-10-8392963 Fax: +39-10-8392961 Email:

  20. Ugandan Consulate in Rome, Italy Consulate of Uganda in Italy Via Ennio Quirino Visconti, 8 City: Rome Phone: +39-6-3225220 / +39-6-3207232 Fax: +39-6-3203174

  21. Ugandan Embassy in Tokyo, Japan Embassy of Uganda in Japan 4-15-3,Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku City: Tokyo Phone: +81-3-57730481 / +81-3-57730482 Fax: +81-3-57253720 Email:

  22. Ugandan Consulate in Mombasa, Kenya Consulate of Uganda in Kenya City: Mombasa Phone: +254-011-222105 Fax: +254-011-223733 Email:

  23. Ugandan Embassy in Tripoli, Libya Embassy of Uganda in Libya Jaraba Street, Ben Ashur City: Tripoli Phone: (+218-21)-604471 / 4892632 / 3603083 Fax: +218-21-4892632 Email:

  24. Ugandan Consulate in Hilversum, Netherlands Consulate of Uganda in Netherlands Melkweg 9, 1261 GT Blaricum City: Hilversum Phone: +31-35-5381756 Fax: +31-35-5334718 Email:

  25. Ugandan Embassy in Moscow, Russia Embassy of Uganda in Russia Korovy Val 7, Flat No. 3 City: Moscow Phone: +7-495-2302276 Fax: +7-495-2302131 Email:

  26. Ugandan Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Embassy of Uganda in Saudi Arabia 11, Hassan Bin Al-Numaman Street, West of Salahddin Hotel Al Worood Quarter City: Riyadh Phone: +966-1-454 4910 Fax: +966-1-454 9264 Email:

  27. Ugandan Consulate in Singapore, Singapore Consulate of Uganda in Singapore 3 Ubi Avenue 3 #07-00 Crocodile House City: Singapore Phone: +65-67492782 Fax: +65-67498737 Email:
  28. Has Moved to:

    315 Outram Road, #09-05 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074 City: Singapore Phone: +65 6224-2862 Fax: +65 6415-1334 Email:

  29. Ugandan Consulate in Spain

    There is no Ugandan Consulate in Spain. However, you can apply for visas to Uganda in Spain through the official collaborator of the Ugandan Embassy in Paris. Here you can also get information in Spanish language on Uganda or information in English on Spain. you can contact Uganda in Spain at:

    Uganda in Spain

    Att. Santi Jiménez

    P.O Box 938. 08080 Barcelona (Spain-EU)

    Phone: +34-669388095

    E-mail: - Web:

  30. Ugandan Consulate in Juba, Sudan Consulate of Uganda in Sudan City: Juba Phone: (+249-811)-821566 / 821555, 0811-821585 Email:

  31. Ugandan Consulate in Stockholm , Sweden Consulate of Uganda in Sweden City: Stockholm Phone: +46-8-15931196 Fax: +46-8-15931196

  32. Ugandan Embassy in London, United Kingdom Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in London, United Kingdom Uganda House 58/59 Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DX City: London Phone: 004420 - 7839 5783 Fax: 004420- 7839 8925 Email:

  33. Ugandan Embassy in Washington, United States Embassy of Uganda in Washington, United States of America 5911 16th Street, NW Washington DC 20011 United States City: Washington Phone: +1 (202) 726-7100 Fax: +1 (202) 726-1727 Email: Office Hours: The Embassy is open, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It closes for lunch, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., Eastern Time

  34. The High Commission of the Republic of Uganda in India

    B-3/26,Vasant Vihar

    New Delhi

    110 057,


    Phone: +91-11-2614 4413 , +91-11-2614 5817, Fax: +91-11-2614 4405


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Question: If a person has a Valid Work Permit in UG and still takes a Visit VISA. Will it be permissible? Answer: Please note that work permits carry …

Business travell Not rated yet
Question:Does a Kenyan passport holder require a visa to visit Uganda on business? Answer: No. EAC nationals do not require visas to enter Uganda however, …

Côte d'Ivoire Not rated yet
Question:I'm a citizen of Côte d'Ivoire invited to Uganda. Do i need to acquire a Uganda visa before or i can get it at the airport? Answer:Kindly note …

Côte d'Ivoire Not rated yet
Question:I'm a citizen of Côte d'Ivoire invited to Uganda. Do i need to acquire a Uganda visa before or i can get it at the airport? Answer: Kindly …

Spousal Work Visa Not rated yet
Question: Good day my company is sending me to Uganda to work on a 2 year contract. My wife will be accompanying me and would like to work in the country …

One entry visa Not rated yet
Question:On a one entry visa that is good for up to 3 months. Am I able to go and visit Ethiopia within that time and come back to Uganda for a few days …

Marriage Not rated yet
Question: How long does it take to get Permit in Uganda if married to a lady from Uganda and also what permit will one get? Answer: You need to …

where to get uganda visa in the philippines Not rated yet
Question: Where can I apply for an Uganda Visa in the Philippines? I am an Italian Passport holder. I am going to visit the country for business/leisure. …

Volunteering/mission work visa Not rated yet
Question:do you have to have a degree from a college in order to volunteer and get a visa for a 2 year stay if working w/ a ngo or orphanage? Answer: …

Visa to Uganda for Kazakshtan citizen Not rated yet
Question:I am a citizen of Kazakhtstan. I am flying to to Uganda to do some charity work with Canadians citizens for 4 days only. I have a bank statement, …

Family visa Not rated yet
Question: Hi, I am a Ugandan who is married to an EU. Does my wife need a visa to Uganda? And if yes, for how long? Answer: Yes, your wife needs a Ugandan …

Question: dear sir/madam what does it mean multiple visa? and if i get from uganda can I use the same visa to the neighbouring countries of …

visit visa Not rated yet
Question hello! i am a flight attendant travelling to Entebbe Uganda. I will be staying for 34hours only. I am from philippines but a resident here …

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Work permit spouse Not rated yet
Question: Dear mr/mrs, I am working in Uganda and have a valid work permit and residence permit. My spouse has a dependance pass so that he is also …

Work Permit Not rated yet
Question: How much time Uganda Govt is taking to issue Visa to an Indian Answer: Your Work permit could take about 1 month to process internal …

suppose you are born in uganda been here over 20 years but have an american passport? Not rated yet
Question: Suppose you are born in Uganda ,been here over 20 years but have say an American passport? How do you go out and come back in to the …

An Ugandese visa Not rated yet
Question: Hi, Im canadian landed, and i havel a travel document of Canada (passeport) do i need a visa to enter in Uganda? Answer: Yes, you need …

single journey Not rated yet
Question: Is it possible to get visa when I arrive in Uganda. Am living in Sweden but am from Somalia and I do have resident permanent. I have now a …

Can you apply for the Visa 24 hours a day? Not rated yet
Question: I am arriving at the Entebbe airport at 2am. I am wondering if I will be able to apply for my visa right away when I land? I am having someone …

tourist visa Not rated yet
Question: Iranian requires entry Visa Answer: Dear Majid, Uganda would certainly allow Iranians to get visas as long as they meet the rest of …

I might be visiting an Orphanage for 3- 4 weeks Not rated yet
I may be visiting an orphange in Uganda for 3-4 weeks this summer and volunteer my teaching skills or however they need my assistance. Would just a plain …

I might be visiting an Orphanage for 3- 4 weeks Not rated yet
Question: I may be visiting an orphange for 3-4 weeks this summer and volunteer my teaching skills or however they need my assistance. Would just a …

Uganda Manufacturing Work permit Not rated yet
Question: I want to manufacturing permit . I’m from India. So you tell me how much INR. Answer: You will need first to get a Business Visa. …

Class G 1 visa duration Not rated yet
Question: Please could you let me know what length / duration would a Class G 1 visa be issued for and can I apply for one at the London Ugandan high …

Is it possible to get visa on arrival for Indian Passport Holder Not rated yet
Question: Dear Sir/Madam, I am Indian & Indian passport holder. I want to come to Uganda. So, is it possible to get visa on arrival? Answer: Yes …

extension of Business visa while waiting for work permit Not rated yet
Question: we have a consultant in Uganda on a BV that has been extended once before and needs to be extended again while he waits for his Work permit, …


Uganda visa for Indonesian citizenship Not rated yet
Question: As an Indonesian citizenship, do we need a (tourist) visa to enter uganda? Or can we get the visa on our arrival at the Entebbe Int'l Airport? …

visa info Not rated yet
Question: Hello , I’m a Sri –Lankan student, but i study in south Korea. this coming winter vacation I gone come to Uganda for internship . but …

dependent pass Not rated yet
Question: I have a work permit for three years and want to bring my family. Please advise what is the process for dependent pass or visa on arrival. …

Travel document Not rated yet
Question: I am orignially from Eritrea and reside in USA and have travel document. I would like to travel to Uganda. Do i need visa to travel to uganda? …

Yellow Fever vaccination  Not rated yet
Question: I am Lao people is the country that yellow fever vaccination not available, but i got the information from many website that i have to hold …

visa to Uganda Not rated yet
Question: Someone is coming from Thailand does she need a visa to Uganda before travel? Answer: Thanks Faith for your question. Your visitor from …

us refugee travel document Not rated yet
Question: I am a Sudanese by nationality and i hold a United States refugee travel document. I am planning to visit family. can i get a visa upon my …

i am suddan national presently residing in india on study visa. Can i get a visa on arrival? Not rated yet
Question: I am Sudan national presently residing in India on study visa. Can i get a visa on arrival? Answer: Yes, as long as your passport is …

can I enter uganda on a holiday visa then after a month or so, go to Jinja and apply for a work permit? Not rated yet
Question: I am british and wondering if I can enter Uganda on a holiday visa and apply for a work permit while I am out there? Answer: It would …

ugandan consulates in philliines??? Not rated yet
Question: Hello, I am a student here in Phillipines, I was wondering how i can get in touch with an embassy or consulate concerning my passport issues. …

Visitor Visa for Filipinos Not rated yet
Question Hi, I am Filipino working in Papua New Guinea. I would like to visit my friend in Kampala for three weeks. Can I get visitor visa on arrival? …

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Cost of Visa for Cameroonian upon arrival and travel insurance  Not rated yet
Question: Please I need to know what would a Cameroonian have to pay upon entering Uganda (in Euros)and what about travel insurance (the cost in Euro …

Can a south african national get a visa on arrival Not rated yet
Question: I am a south african national , can i request a visa on arrival in Uganda. Answer: Yes, as long as you have a valid passport and all …

Entry into country Not rated yet
Question: When I look on the Ugandan embassy's website I only see two options. To either get a three months single entry or 6 month multiple entry visa. …

travel documents Not rated yet
Question: what are the documents I should present at the point of entry? Answer: Valid Passport, Invitation letter from Ugandan Counterpart, Vaccination …

USA Citizens Not rated yet
Question: Hello Can I obtain a Visa upon arrival at the Uganda airport? Kind regards Answer: You will be able to Obtain a Uganda Visa upon …

Who needs a work permit? Not rated yet
Question: If we are planning to get work visas, work for an established NGO in rural Uganda without pay for about 2 years, do we still need to obtain …

Are multi-entry 12, 24, and 36 month visas still available? Not rated yet
Question: We are applying for a work permit and planning to stay for 18-24 months, but the visa application forms no longer give the choice of longer …

Tough Uganda immigration policy in offing Not rated yet
Friday July 15, 2011 The Government of Uganda is drafting a comprehensive immigration policy that will address loopholes in the existing one. Speaking …

Issuance of Work Permit Not rated yet
Question: How much time is required for issuance of work permit by Ministry of internal affairs? Answer: A work permit takes about 1 month to process. …

Visa to Uganda for NGO delegation Not rated yet
Question: Am a Ugandan national working with an NGO, we are planning to host a group of people from different countries, please let me know if the countries …

Question: I am a Ghanaian and a permanent resident in Japan. Do I qualify to apply for Ugandan visa on arrival at Entebbe? Answer: Yes, you will …

Regarding Citizenship Not rated yet
Question Hi This is Mehul again..thanx for the reply. my question is that..while me n my wife is on tour n as she is pregnant.. n while on tour to ugands …

Uganda VISA fees Not rated yet
Question: How much does it cost to get a Uganda visa. Answer: The cost of your Uganda Visa will significantly depend on the length of your stay …

US Visa deposit slip Not rated yet
Question: How do you down load a deposit slip to pay for the visa fees Answer: Please refer to our answer on the following US Visa Answers …

How much is a transit visa? Not rated yet
Question: If you leave the country the same day you have entered in, how much do I have to pay for transit? Answer: You will have to pay the minimum …

Regarding Child Born There and its Citizenship Not rated yet
Question: hi.. this is Mehul Again.. and thanx for replying my previous question.. and yeah it was was useful for me.. as i have mentioned that my wife …

Regading Visa For A Pregnant Women Not rated yet
Question: Can pregnant women get visas easily on arrival in Uganda..? or there can be a chance of denial of a Ugandan Visa if any one is pregnant..? …

Where to get a visa Not rated yet
Question: Hi am Ayan and i stay in Sweden,I have a swedish temporary pass flaming pass and I would like to vist my family in uganda. where can …

point of entry uganda visa Not rated yet
Question: As a Nigerian, is it possible to obtain a point of entry visa on arrival to Entebbe? Answer: Yes, it is possible as long as you have a …

Re: Indian national can they get a visa on arrival in Uganda Not rated yet
Question: Can an Indian national get a visa upon arrival in Uganda? Apart from India, can I get a list of all the nationals or countries that require …

Money for visa at airport Not rated yet
Question: How do I pay for my Uganda visa at the Entebbe airport? Answer: You will normally pay in cash for your Uganda Visa. Check out the current …

tourist visa Not rated yet
Question: Hello, Do I need to have a booking of a hotel or guesthouse when I want to buy a visa upon arrival? Do I need to take a letter of my …

Is it necessary to give an adress in Uganda Not rated yet
Question We are planning to visit a friend in Uganda. He has a house but not a physical adress. Do we need to give an adress when we come at the airport …

Uganda Visa Requirements for UAE residence Visa holder Not rated yet
Question: I am an indian citizen with UAE residence visa do I need a visa to travel to Kampala? Answer: As an Indian citizen you will require …

Travel document pass Not rated yet
Question: Hi,my name is Mohamed, live in sweden, i would like to travel to kampala for a visit. can i get visa entry from the airport,and what else …

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Do i need to return to home country to gain a working visa? Not rated yet
Question: Hi there, I am coming out to Uganda in June and have lined up a number of possible working opportunities. If i were offered one of these would …

What is required of a letter of appointment for a volunteer work visa? Not rated yet
Question: What does the letter of appointment need to consist of in order to file for a visa to volunteer for about a year at an orphanage in N. Uganda? …

Uganda 4-month stay Not rated yet
Question: I will be staying in Uganda as a tourist for nearly 4 months. Will I need to do anything other than simply get a normal visa when I enter …

uganda to kenya  Not rated yet
Question: I have been thinking of whether it is possible to travel to Kenya with Uganda visa . I will highly appreciate if you send for the feedback …

on arrival visa Not rated yet
Question: I want an on arrival visa for Uganda. Now i am in India and WHICH DOCUMENTS DO I NEED at the airport. Answer: Hello Nires, the Uganda visa …

Uganda visa qualification for Swedish Passport Not rated yet
Question I am a refugee by status with an alien passport issued by Sweden government under the Geneva convention. I therefore would like to know: …

about uganda work permit Not rated yet
Question: i am from india . i am computer professional person want uganda work permit to start my own office at uganda. which type of visa can i require …

Kosovo passport Not rated yet
Question: Can citizens of Kosovo get a Uganda visa at the Entebbe airport? Answer: Yes, citizens of Kosovo can get Uganda Visas at Entebbe Airport as …

applying for a work visa from Uganda Not rated yet
Question: I am an EU citizen who is working in cooperation with Makerere university, i will be working in Kampala for the next 14 months. I have a …

Uganda Onarrival Visa Not rated yet
Question: I am from India. I am currenlty working in Dubai and my visa is going to be completed on 10th march 2011. So I have to Exit Dubai and planned …

short stay and return Not rated yet
Question: We will be in Uganda for 2 nights, then fly to the Congo for 4 nights, the retrun for one night to Uganda. Do we need to pay $50 for both …

Visa on arrival for Indian National Not rated yet
Question: Dear Sir / Madam, I am an indian nationa working in malaysia as a consultant. I have to make a trip to uganda part of business to meet …

visa Not rated yet
Question: I have an alien passport issued by sweden. I want to visit Uganda since my family live there and i wanted to know if i can get a one month visa …

Uganda visa in Botswana Not rated yet
Question: If coming from Botswana, which is the nearest place to apply for the Uganda visa Answer: As citizen of Botswana residing in Botswana you will …


Uganda Buisness visa Not rated yet
Question: What forms do I have to submit for getting Uganda business visa? How much cost to get business visa? Kindly send details for applying business. …

Cameroon Passport For Ugandan student Visa Not rated yet
Question: I am a Cameroonian with a valid passport. I wish to know the procedure to get a student visa for Uganda. I want to do a postgraduate program …

Visa for Nigerian passport holder Not rated yet
Question: Hello, Can a Nigerian passport holder get a visa on arrival at Entebbe airport anytime in December 2010? Answer: Yes, Nigerians can obtain …

new regulations or order Not rated yet
Question: Did uganda government made any new order or regulations for indian nationals to enter uganda for visit? Answer: All visitors to Uganda can …

Certificate of Emergency Not rated yet
Question: Can I use a Certificate of Emergency as a document to replace Passport? Answer: A travel document like"a certificate of Emergency" …

Visa for Brazilian citizen Not rated yet
QUESTION: Hi, I am Brazilian citizen, can I get Uganda visa upon arrival? Thank you for your help! ANSWER: Yes, as Brazilian citizen, …


On arrival visa  Not rated yet
Question: Do Indians get on arrival visa in Uganda? Answer: Yes. Indians can get a visa on arrival in Uganda at a rate of US $ 50.

I wanna know. Can I get a visa easily on arrival if I have all the required documents? Not rated yet
Question | Sir I have all documents like invitation letter for the visit from my Uncle. He is running a construction farm in Uganda Kampala. A valid …

how much is a visa Not rated yet
Question: How much is a visa for 5 months single entry? Answer: The cost of your Uganda visa will largely depend on the type of visa you want and …

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Visa Not rated yet
Question: I am Brikty. An Eritrean living in Uganda. I asked a question where to renew my visa last time on this site. I got a fast and clear answer, …

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