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Work permit visa fee

by Abhi
(New zealand)


What are the qualifications required to acquire a work permit in Uganda?


Dear Abhi,

Thanks for asking this question.

In order to qualify for a work permit in Uganda, you need to first know which work permit you are applying for.

You will certainly be given a work permit as long as you meet its specific requirements at the time when you're applying for the permit.

Below we have listed for you the 8 different types of Work Permits you could apply for and their application requirements. This information is in accordance with guidelines from the Uganda Immigration Department and the Ministry of Internal affairs:


• Fill Entry Permit (EP) form.
• Attach photocopies of passport.
• 2 passport size photos.
• Covering letter from the Embassy and a supportive letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


• Fill Entry Permit form.
• Attach photocopies of passport.
• 2 passport size photos.
• Covering letter from the Organization.
• Covering letter from the line Ministry.


• Fill Entry Permit form.
• 2 passport size photos.
• Photocopies of passport.
• Covering letter.
• Land title.
• Recommendation from LCs or Resident District Commissioner’s (RDC) office.
• Work plan/feasibility study of the project undertaken.
• Security bond.


• Fill Entry Permit form.
• Covering letter.
• 2 passport size photos.
• Photocopies of passport.
• Company’s bank statement.
• Investment license.
• Articles and memorandum of association.
• Certificate of incorporation.
• Income tax clearance.
• Trading license.
• Proof of investment – US $ 100,000.
• Letter of good conduct.
• Security bond.


• Fill Entry Permit form.
• 2 passport size photos.
• Covering letter.
• Qualifications.
• Registration with the relevant organization e.g. Association of Medical Practitioners.
• Company documents.
• Letter of good conduct.
• Security bond.


• Fill Entry Permit form.
• 2 passport size photos.
• Copy of passport.
• Copy NGO certificate.
• Criminal record report from home country.
• Covering letter.
• Appointment letter.
• Qualifications.


• Fill Entry Permit form.
• 2 passport size photos.
• Photocopies of passport.
• Academic qualifications.
• Letter of good conduct.
• Appointment letter.
• Covering letter.
• Proof of failure to employ a Ugandan.
• Investment letter.
• Income tax clearance.
• Articles and memorandum of association.
• Trading license.
• Security bond.
• Company’s bank statement.
• Certificate of incorporation.

8. CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE (this applies to those who want to acquire permanent residence in Uganda)

• Fill Certificate of Residence (CR) form.
• 3 passport size photos.
• Local Council (LC) 1 recommendation letter.
• Covering letter.
• Medical report.
• Copy of passport.
• Proof of ownership of property (if any).
Certificate of Residence due to marriage (the requirements for certificate of residence plus the following):
• Marriage certificate copy (at least 3 years).
• Copy of the spouse’s Ugandan passport.

The fees of Immigration facilities;

1. CLASS A2 (Parastatal Service) – US $ 250 per year.
2. CLASS B (Agriculture) – US $ 500 per year.
3. CLASS C (Mining) – US $ 500 per year.
4. CLASS D (Businessmen) – US $ 1500 per year.
5. CLASS E (Manufacturing) – US $ 500 per year.
6. CLASS F (Professionals) – US $ 750 per year.
7. CLASS G (Expatriate employees) – US $ 600 per year.
8. CLASS G1 (Missionaries, NGOS and Volunteers) – US $ 250 per year.

Comments for Work permit visa fee

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May 01, 2016
Deposit NEW
by: Malik

Hi friend.
I work in uganda all most 8 year without work parment . when I go for live at that time thay put stemp for deported.know I am at pakistan Islamabad.what I doo I go back in uganda

May 01, 2016
Deposit NEW
by: Malik

Hi friend.
I work in uganda all most 8 year without work parment . when I go for live at that time thay put stemp for deported.know I am at pakistan Islamabad.what I doo I go back in uganda

Jan 14, 2016
by: Pst. Frank

I found this blog VERY helpful. Thank you.

Nov 04, 2015
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by: alex jones

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Nov 04, 2015
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Nov 02, 2015
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by: kristina brown

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Oct 15, 2015
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Sep 15, 2015
Comprehensive permit/ visa fees list. NEW
by: Anonymous

Why don't you have a comprehensive list of all visa/permit fees on your website? All I can see is the fees for the principle. How about the spouses,Children & other dependants? Have an updated list of all fees one is supposed to pay so that those interested don't have to either call or walk to your office. Thx

Oct 20, 2014
recommended hospital NEW
by: ismail gava

which hospital is recommended by ministry of internal affairs uganda for making a medical report for residence permit?

Oct 11, 2014
Visa NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been trying to find info on the MIA website but have not found anything. Can you point me in the correct direction please

Oct 08, 2014
country NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I am American used live in Uganda, But I back to my Country, the reason I went there. to open up business, but I couldn't succeed because of every where .I go I have to pay a bribe. I really disappointed. whether is immigration or airport police or customs, they ask bribe. I am wondering for how long Africans to continue to destroy their own people and their countries.

thank you.

Sep 28, 2014
How to find foreign teacher from Uganda Turkish School NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi My name is Gulnaz i am citizen of Kazakhstan. My problem is my ex- husband is working in Uganda Turkish school and doesn't want to help his child.So How can embassy of Uganda or employee help me to find this person?
Thank you!

Jul 16, 2014
Dependent Visa fees Increased NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear All,

I heard about the dependent Visa fees are increasing from 200$ to 700-800$. Is this news true? can some one investigate on this and confirm.

Jun 22, 2014
Contractor NEW
by: Anonymous


I am a British citizen moving to Kampala with my wife who has a job at an international school, and whose work permit is being processed for her. I will be working as a private contractor for a UK company carrying out online research from our flat. Do I need a work permit? If so, what type? Will I be able to arrive on a regular visa and have my work permit processed in Uganda?


Jan 22, 2014
Security Deposit NEW
by: Naveen

Can anyone tell me, how to get back security deposit from uganda immigration. I have paid $490 as security deposit to get work permit. Now my contract with employer going to over. Please advice me..

Oct 09, 2013
visa fees NEW
by: Anonymous

The visa fees have been increased with effect from 1st September 2013. For instance Class G expartriate employee have been increased from 600 dollars to 1000 dollars. Check the URA website for the new charges

Jul 19, 2013
visa charges NEW
by: Anonymous

hello sir,
please conform the work permit visa fees charges which is given is still valid for this year also !


May 30, 2013
work permits NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello sir

I have applied for work permit in Uganada of class G visa.
So as per the requirements I have paid the security bond fees 492 $ last week but due to family problem I have to go my home country. Now I don't want to apply for work visa.
So can I get my security bond fees return???
I don't want to come back in Uganada....

Feb 28, 2013
i am interior designer i want work permit
by: Anonymous

i want to start an interior designing business what to do to for work permit as wall as for the business permit.

please help me

Jan 23, 2013
by: devang

i want to renew my permit so r the requirements and hence im i liable to apply for a permanent residence because my wife is a ugandan by birth so whats the process pliz advise me

Oct 17, 2011
Cost of NGO/Volunteer work permits
by: Anonymous

We have been told that the fee forone of these permits is now 800$ 0 can anyone confirm that this is true or is it still 250$ as posted on the Official Government site.

Thank you

Aug 02, 2011
Uganda work permit
by: Bhupesh

Dear all
Please advise me I want work permit for my son
my son now complete In Gujarat Uni. India.
How can I Receive work permit .
we direct contact Uganda Embassy ??

Please Guide me

My regards
Bhupesh Khatri

Answer: Dear Khatri, to get a Uganda work permit you will need to go to the Uganda ministry of Internal affairs.

Apr 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanx for gathering information on classes of work was very helpful

Oct 26, 2010
Uganda Work Permit
by: Business Consultant

The qualifications for a work permit usually depends on what sort of work you're going to do. If you're going to be a consultant in a certain institution or private Company, then such a company should forward your request. But in most cases to get a permit you must be a professional and not just a casual worker.

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