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Uganda Autos Guide 

Africa Driving Tips and Automotive Industry Trends


The Uganda Autos guide is your ultimate business travel tool for navigating the Uganda Automotive Industry.

As a new driver on the African roads, we guide you on important road safety rules and driving tips in Uganda, what to consider when buying or hiring a car in Uganda, where to get Automotive insurance, how to finance your car purchase, business opportunities and useful Automotive industry updates.

Uganda Autos Guide

While some travelers have described driving in Uganda as a series of near misses, if you really love doing your business flexibly when in Uganda, you must brave the road by your self.

As a foreign business traveler, you're likely to encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those back home, especially if you came from developed economies like the United States.

In Uganda you will drive on the left hand side of the road and your general speed limit on national highways should not exceed 100km/h and 65 km/h in urban built up areas, unless otherwise indicated.

What you will find in this Uganda Autos Guide:

Uganda Road Safety precautions and Regulations

Uganda Driving Tips before you start your car

Uganda Driving Tips while your Car is moving

Buying a Car in Uganda

Common Automotives you will find in Uganda

Getting your Car Insured in Uganda

Hiring a car, Tractor,Bus or Machinery in Uganda

Routine Automobile Servicing and Repairs in Uganda

The Best way to Fuel your car when in Uganda

Financing your Automotive Purchase with a Car Loan

Uganda Autos Industry Business opportunities

Uganda Autos news updates, Auto reviews, and Frequently asked questions about Automotives in Uganda

Free Uploads for Cars and Machinery for Sale

Uganda Road Safety and Regulations

First and foremost, you need to be aware of the governing Law lest you're taken unawares by a traffic policeman,and yet your ingnorance of the law is not a defense in Uganda Court rooms; Road safety in Uganda is Governed by the THE TRAFFIC AND ROAD SAFETY ACT of 1970, This is Act which consolidates the law relating to road traffic.

In Uganda, you drive on the left hand side of the road. The general speed limit on national highways is 100km/h and 65 km/h in urban built up areas, unless otherwise indicated.

Make sure you have your local or international driving permit before you drive a car in Uganda. Click here to find out how to get a driving permit in Uganda.

You need to be cautious while driving on Uganda roads and be ware of the following:

Most inter-city transportation in Uganda is by small van or large bus. Many drivers of these vehicles have little training and some are reckless. Small vans and large buses are often poorly maintained, travel at high speeds, and are the principal vehicles involved in the many deadly single and multi-vehicle accidents along Ugandan roads.

Accident victims have included foreign nationals traveling in small vans and personal cars, passengers on motorcycle taxis locally known as "boda bodas" and pedestrians. Large trucks on the highways are often overloaded, with inadequately secured cargo and poor braking systems.

Alcohol frequently is a contributing factor in road accidents, particularly at night. Drivers are advised to take extra care when driving. Nighttime driving and road transportation should be avoided whenever possible.

Pedestrians often walk in the roads and may not be visible to motorists. Large branches or rocks in the road sometimes indicate an upcoming obstruction or other hazard. Highway travel at night is particularly dangerous, including the road between Entebbe Airport and Kampala.

Traffic accidents draw crowds. Ugandan law requires that the drivers stop and exchange information and assist any injured persons.

In some cases where serious injury has occurred, there is the possibility of mob anger. In these instances, Ugandans often do not get out of their cars, but drive to the nearest police station to report the accident, be sure to do the same.

Click here to ask any question about Uganda Road Safety and Regulations

Uganda Driving Tips before you start your car

Before driving a car in Uganda , do a simple safety check.

Turn on the lights and walk around the vehicle to ensure that all lights are in working order.

Check your blinkers for proper operation.

Look for any fluid leaks or things hanging from the vehicle.

Check that the tires are properly inflated.

When you get into the car, adjust all mirrors and seats before placing the key in the ignition. To properly adjust the left mirror place your head against the left window and adjust the mirror so that you can just see the left side of the car. For the right, move your head towards the center of the vehicle and adjust the right mirror in the same way. When you are sitting correctly in the driver's seat, you will not be able to see your vehicle, but your blind spots will be greatly reduced.

Always wear your seatbelts, having no seat belt is a traffic offence!

Click here to ask any question about driving in Uganda

Uganda Driving Tips while your Car is moving

Always drive with your headlights on, a car is visible for nearly 4 times the distance with it's headlights on even during daytime hours.

When stopping at a stop sign, be sure to feel the car rock backward and spell S-T-O-P to yourself before proceeding.

Always turn your head to look left, then right, straight ahead, then left again before proceeding.

At Traffic Lights in Uganda: when a light turns green, look left, then right, straight ahead, then left again before proceeding through the light. Notice all vehicles and ensure that someone else is not going to run the light.

Keep your eyes moving. Notice what is happening on the sides of the road and check behind you through your mirrors every 6-8 seconds.

When driving on a two lane road that allows parking on the right, stay toward the center line to allow for room if someone were to open their door to exit their vehicle in front of your car. This forethought will help you from swerving to miss an opening door. If there is no parking allowed on the road position your car toward the right to allow for more room between you and oncoming traffic.

Expect the other drivers to make mistakes and think what you would do if a mistake does happen. For example, do not assume that a vehicle coming to a stop sign is going to stop. Be ready to react if it does not stop. Never cause an accident on purpose, even if a pedestrian or another vehicle fails to give you the right-of-way.

A rear-facing baby seat MUST NOT be fitted into a seat protected by an active frontal airbag, as in a crash it can cause serious injury or death to the child.

Do not drive when you're tired as as you will greatly increase your risk of collision. To minimise this risk make sure you are fit to drive. Do not begin a journey if you are tired. Get a good night’s sleep before embarking on a long journey Avoid undertaking long journeys between midnight and 6 am, when natural alertness is at a minimum Plan your journey to take sufficient breaks. A minimum break of at least 15 minutes after every two hours of driving is recommended If you feel at all sleepy, stop in a safe place. Do not stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway The most effective ways to counter sleepiness are to drink, for example, two cups of caffeinated coffee and to take a short nap (at least 15 minutes).

Your Vision; You MUST be able to read a vehicle number plate, in good daylight, from a distance of 20 metres (or 20.5 metres where the old style number plate is used). If you need to wear glasses (or contact lenses) to do this, you MUST wear them at all times while driving in Uganda. The Uganda Traffic police have the power to require you as a driver to undertake an eyesight test.

Click here to ask any question about driving in Uganda

Buying a Car in Uganda

Buying cars for your business will is one of the most important asset acquisation decision you will have to make when in Uganda.

We have listed some of the factors you will have to consider when buying your cars in Uganda:

  • Cost of the car verses your budget : Make sure the car you want suites your budget
  • Whether you want a USED or New : Used cars are much cheaper in Uganda
  • Model - A newer model means less servicing costs and better chances of resellability but a really steep upfront cost
  • Milage - Be sure the milage is low.
  • Automatic or Manual : Automatic cars require less skill to drive and are the commonest in Uganda
  • Wheel or 4 Wheel : 4 wheel drive vehicles are the most suitable for Uganda roads
  • Petro or Diesel : Most trucks and 4 Wheel drive cars use diesel but the majority of cars in Uganda are town service cars and consume Petro
  • Availability of Spare parts: You need to buy a car whose parts will not need to be imported when the car gets small problem.
  • Costs of Servicing: Used cars and rare cars normally have the highest costs of servicings.
  • Resellerability : Will your car still be marketable in Uganda after you have used it 2 years and want to sell it for a better model?

If you're buying a car in Uganda, we do advise that you go with a trusted Mechanic to inspect your new car before you fianlly pay for it.

After buying your car you will need to get a car log book with the particulars of the owner and the vehicle particlars, including the vehicle registration number which is given by the Uganda Revenew Authority. Your car dealer should process for you all the necessary car registrations and pay the necessary URA fees as part of the vehicle purchase fees.

If you have imported the car from abroad by yourself, then you need to do the registration on your own. You will also have to do your own car registration if you purchase a used car from a friend. Your car seller must sign a tranfer form for the car to enable you change the registration of the of the ownership vehicle in your names.

Below is the list of Major Automotive dealers in Uganda:

  • Chatha Motos
  • Toyota Uganda
  • Moto Care Uganda
  • Spear Motos Uganda
  • CMC Motors Group Ltd
  • Nissan Uganda
  • Yuasa Investments Uganda
  • Smart Motor World Ltd.
  • Jambo Auto Mart Ltd.
  • Future Group Co. Ltd.
  • Planet Solutions Uganda Ltd
  • Dura Motors Ltd.
  • Victoria Motors Ltd
  • Autorec Enterprise Ltd
  • Adachi Auto Ltd.
  • Bejo Motor Solutions (U) Ltd.
  • Tokyo Auto Ltd.
  • Ramzan Motors
  • Al-Malik Group
  • Muko Investments
  • Autorec Enterprise Ltd.
  • Japan Auto Traders Ltd.
  • Cosmos Uganda Limited
  • Delta Uganda
  • Mantrac Uganda, Caterpillar Uganda
  • Bajaj - For Motocycles

Click here to ask any question about Buying cars, trucks, Tractors, Machinery and Motocycles in Uganda

Common Automotives you will find in Uganda

In Uganda you will find a mix of New Cars, Used Cars ,Buses, Motorcycles, Tractors, Trucks all using the same roads.

Shapes of Cars you find in Uganda:

Hatchback | Convertible | Wagon | PickUp | SUV | Coupe | Sedan | Tractor Machinery |

Major Car Brands you will find Uganda

Toyota Cars in Uganda: The commonest and most markatable Cars in Uganda

Nissan Cars in Uganda: Diesel Buses , Pickups

Isuzu Cars in Uganda : Commonly Buses, and Trucks

Honda Cars in Uganda:

BMW Cars in Uganda: Recorgnized among luxurious Automotives

Mercedes-Benz Cars in Uganda: The legend of class among most Top Political Leaders, and Business Executives

Jeep : Few but have a name among high class Ugandans

Chrysler in Uganda: I have on rare occasions seen a Cardillac Escalader own by a local muscian

Ford : Mainly procured by NGOs

Volkswagen: Recorgnised among luxurious vehicles in Uganda

Peugeot: Is known for speed, the first

Mitsubishi: The new models are used by Government institutions especially Bank of Uganda, NGO, and Embassies

Lexus: I have seen some top corporate executives and business owners driving these cars

Dodge Magnum: Among the luxury group, relatively new on the streets of Kampala

Land Rover: The latest Range Rover models have become the Hallmark of class for renown Businessmen in Kampala

Subaru: Generally regarded as sports vehicles among Ugandans

Hummer: Less than 20 of these vehicles are available in the country.



Mazda :


Scania : Mainly Buses and Trucks

Progress: A relatively new brand on the Uganda Market

Datsun: Some Very Old Models can still be seen on roads even in Kampala

TATA: Mainly Trucks

Audi: Luxury Car , commonly used by Uganda musicians and city tycoons

MACK Trucks: Mainly Used in Road Construction

Higer: Chinese Buses

Among Tractors and Machinery, you will find

Caterpillar: I bellieve this to be Uganda's Market leading Machinery Brand in all aspects of heavy duty earth moving.

JCB: The Backhoe 3CX is quite common during road construction

Massey Ferguson: Market Leader among farm tractors


Greaves Tractors:

Mitsubishi :

BOMAG : Mainly used for compressing purposes during road construction

Motobikes in Uganda: Mostly used as Boda Bodas meaning to transport passengers in Towns and in remote areas where public transport is scarse. However, sports bikes are also available in Uganda, especially during special occassions like weddings, and political campaings.

Click here to ask any question about the Automotive Brands Driven in Uganda

Getting your Car Insured in Uganda

Third Party Insurance: This type of Moto vehicle insurance is Mandatory in Uganda

Comprehensive Insurance: You will secure this kind of insurance policy as Mandatory if you have secured your car by a bank loan.

Below is a list of Insurance Companies operating in Uganda where you can purchase Moto vehicle related insurance products:

  • African Trade Insurance Agency
  • APA Insurance Company Uganda Limited
  • East Africa General Insurance Company Limited
  • East African Underwriters Limited
  • Britam Insurance Company Uganda
  • Excel Insurance Company Limited
  • Chartis Uganda Limited
  • First Insurance Company Limited
  • Goldstar Insurance Company Limited
  • Imperial Insurance Company Limited
  • Insurance Company of East Africa Limited
  • Jubilee Insurance Company Uganda Limited
  • Leads Insurance Limited
  • Lion Assurance Company Limited
  • National Insurance Corporation
  • NICO Insurance Uganda Limited
  • Paramount Insurance Company Limited
  • Pax Insurance Company Limited
  • Rio Insurance Company Limited
  • Statewide Insurance Company Limited
  • UAP Insurance Company Uganda Limited

Click here to ask any question about Vehicle Insurance in Uganda

Hiring a car, Tractor,Bus or Machinery in Uganda

Whether you want to:

hire a Self Drive Car

hire an Airport Shuttle

hire a Safari Car to Game Park

hire a Business Car to move within Kampala

hire a Tractor for Ploughing a commercial firm or

Buldozer, Backhoe , Excavator for Heavy duty earthmoving works

You will need to clarify these basics with your service provider else you will lose hard earned cash in unclear service terms:

Make sure the machine you're given is in good condition, lest you spend more on fuel on hidden costs

Be clear with your service provider wheather the driver or Operator is paid by you or the machine owner

Be careful with hourly charges, as some machine operators would take more time on a simple job just for the extra dime

Be clear with your service provider who will meet the cost of servicing the vehicle for the work

Get to know the fuel consumption for your vehicle and try to compare with the hiring cost, you could be trapped by a cheap car hire

offer, only to spend your so called savings on heavily gazzling engine.

Make sure you clearly get the correct cost of hire and probe for any hidden costs

Click here to contact a trusted car hire service provider in Uganda

Routine Automobile Servicing, Repairs, and finding the right Autospare parts for your car in Uganda

When you own a car in Uganda, you will need to do regular servicing for it at the recommended milage by your Automotive servicing center. Normaly this can be done at any major fuel station within the country.

Routine servicing for your car would include replacing the engine oil, oil filter, refiling the Break fluid, the Power steeringn hydraulic fluid and replacing some other consumable parts like wind screen whippers.

At most Ugandan fuel and gas stations you will also find a tyre clinic and in some few others like City Oil you will also find facilities for Computerised wheel Balancing and wheel alignment.

For more complex replacements of parts in case you've crashed your car in a road traffic accident, you will need to find an appropriate moto mechanic. Within Kampala you will be able to find several car garages from which you can choose from, however, if you own a Mercedes Benz, Range Rover or Volkswagen, you might need to visit a specialized mechanic for advanced repairs.

Choosing the right Automotive mechanic in Uganda can sometimes be difficult alouding to the fact that many of these mechanics are high school drop outs and have learnt most of the work on the job. This does not mean that the educated mechanical engineers are altogether better, in fact , the graduates a rare to find in these garages and some of them are realy just good in theory and lack the practical aspects of Moto vehicle repair.

Toyota vehicles are by far the most easily repairable cars in Uganda because their spare parts are readily available and relatively cheap.

To find the right mechanic in Uganda therefore, you will need a word of mouth referal from a trusted friend who knows the core competensies of the different Automotive mechanics around town.

How to Fuel your car when in Uganda

In the face of volatile fuel Prices in Uganda , you want to match each of your hard earned dollars with the last Petrol drop in your car.

To save at the fuel pump, you need to first scout around town for cheap fuel prices before you fill your tank. Some fuel stations offer different oil prices depending on the competion in the different localities, you should therefore not be fooled by the brand names; SR Fuel Station in Kyengera does not necessarily offer the same cheap price for Diesel as SR Fuel station Nsangi.

When you're travelling to remote areas of Uganda and you need more than 100 litres of Diesel, be sure to first calculate the amount of fuel you will need. The fomular is 1 liter for every 6Km works for most diesel cars multiply by the distance, multiply by 2, then multiply by the prevailing cost of diesel in Uganda. Once you know the amount of fuel you need , fill your tank and store the rest of your fule in jerricans if possible. Beware of some fake fuel stations with unbalanced scales, especially if you're buying much fuel.

Buying all your fuel from Kampala will help you save on your fuel costs as you may find the price of the fuel double in some remote districts of Uganda. In regions like Karamoja you might even find no fuel in a whole district at the time you need it, therefore you remain safe buying all your fuel for the trip at once, near Kampala where fuel prices are relatively reasonable because of the stiff competition.

Most drivers I have spoken to in Uganda belive, and I don't disagree with them, that it is better to fuel your car very early in the morning or very late in the evening when the sun is setting. Their reasoning is that there is reduced vaporisation of the fuel in the tank and thus the fuel tends to stay longer in the vehicle when the car is fueled during these times of the day.

Every time that you re-fuel, check your oil and other fluid levels. Look for noticeable leaks throughout the engine compartment.

List of Major Companies in operating gas stations where you can fuel your car in Uganda

  • Shell
  • City Oil
  • Gapco
  • Total
  • Fuelex
  • Super Oil
  • Kobil
  • Petro City
  • SR Oil
  • Hass Oil
  • Libia Oil
  • Moil
  • Caltex
  • Petro
  • Dero
  • Oil Com
Click here to find out the current fuel prices in Uganda

Financing the purchase of your car

In Uganda, you will find mainly two forms Automotive loans available from lenders for your business including; Secured loans and Unsecured Loans.

Secured loans: These are car finances which require auto loan applicants to pledge collateral such as the vehicle itself or any other valuable asset as security against the loan amount granted. The interest rates offered could be competitive and if approved for a personal or business car loan, you could choose flexible loan duration that suit your financial situation, subject to approval from your lender.

Unsecured auto loans: on the other hand, do not require the borrower to furnish any kind of collateral for financing a new or used car. Nevertheless, the interest rates provided on such auto finances could be much higher than those offered on secured type of car loans. Besides, even the loan repayment term could be shorter than that provided for secured loan finance.

To get the most affordable deal on your auto loan, you need to visit a car dealership and obtain numerous free no obligation quotes as well as loan repayment terms and conditions provided by various lenders and compare them. This could enable you to locate a lender that provides the best car loan which fits your financial budget and satisfies your financial needs and requirements.

Uganda today has many lenders that specialize in providing credit car financing solutions. If you can qualify for an auto loan with bad credit, you can always improve your credit scores by maintaining regularity in paying your monthly car loan installments.

Click here to find a list of Uganda banking institutions where you can secure a car loan

Uganda Auto Industry Business opportunities

Selling Cars: Most of the cars in Uganda are second hand and there is no sealing on car importation. There is also room for esblishing Car Manufacturing and assembly for cheaper more fuel efficient automotives.

Importing Auto Spare Parts and provinding Car repair services: Because most Uganda cars are second hand with earlier models, they need a lot of servicing and repairs

Selling Car Insurance: Insurance is generally a young industry in Uganda. As an example you could easily cash in on the Mandatory Third Party Insurance which the biggest of Ugandan car owners never use.

Hire Services: Most of the population uses public transport in form of Taxis, Buses, Boda Boda rides and Special Hire vehicles

Car washing Bay: With most of the roads lacking tarmac, your washing bay would surely have clients both in Dry and Rainy seasons.

Starting fuel and Car Service Station: While in Kampala you will find a good number of fuel and gas stations in some remote districts of Uganda like Kotido in Karamoja region, there is still a lack of steady fuel supply and professional car servicing.

Click here for more information about starting a business in Uganda.

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The Altezza is an entry level luxury car with a performance edge. It can be had in either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configurations, making …

Before you buy a Toyota Raum 2005 in Uganda Not rated yet
The Toyota Raum is a small, 5-seat compact MPV that first appeared in May 1997. The second generation was released in May 2003. A brand new Toyota Raum …

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Before you buy a Toyota FunCargo 2000 in Uganda Not rated yet
The Toyota Yaris Verso is a mini MPV produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. In Japan it was called the Fun Cargo. It was replaced in 2004 by the Ractis …

Before you buy a Toyota WISH AE10 2003 in Uganda Not rated yet
The Toyota Wish (adapted as Toyota WISH) is a smaller MPV delivered by Japanese automaker Toyota since 2003. This Car is accessible as a six and seven-seater, …

Before you buy a Mercedes-Benz A-Class 130 in Uganda Not rated yet
The Mercedes-Benz A-Class 140 is a compact car (subcompact in its first two generations) produced by the German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. …

Before you buy a Mercedes Benz C-Class 200 W202 in Uganda Not rated yet
The Mercedes-Benz C-Class 200 is a line of compact executive cars produced by Daimler AG. Introduced in 1993 as a replacement for the 190 (W201) …

Before you buy a Nissan March Supermini 2004 in Uganda Not rated yet
The Nissan Micra, known in Latin America and in most of the Asia as the Nissan March is a supermini car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan …

Before you buy a Toyota Allex in Uganda Not rated yet
Toyota Allex came as a substitution to Sprinter vehicle, in spite of the fact that being the five entryway hatchback. This car is largely a re-badged …

Before you buy a Ford Explorer XLT in Uganda Not rated yet
The Ford Explorer XLT is one of the bestselling compact SUVs in Uganda. It is available with optional all-wheel drive, giving it excellent performance …

Before you buy a Isuzu Bighorn in Uganda Not rated yet
The Isuzu bighorn is one of the selected mid-sized SUVs in Uganda. This car comes with a four-cylinder motor, four-speed manual transmission, and part-time …

Buying a TOYOTA PRADO TX J90 in Uganda Not rated yet
The Toyota Prado TX J90 is one of the bestselling compact SUVs in Uganda today. In fact it’s one SUV you will find in almost all corners of the country. …

Buying a FORD RANGER Pick Up Car in Uganda Not rated yet
The Ford Ranger is a nameplate that has been used on three distinct model lines of vehicles sold by Ford. Originally, the name was used by the short-lived …

Buying a VOLKSWAGEN GOLF Car in Uganda Not rated yet
The Volkswagen Golf is a small family car produced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen since 1974, marketed worldwide across seven generations, in …

TURBOCHARGER loaded Car Engines in Uganda  Not rated yet
Hi there, it’s the Africa Uganda Auto Guide again. Today in our edition, we are going to talk about the turbocharger. Now, many people are buying SUVs …

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi) in Uganda  Not rated yet
Hallo every one. This is the Africa Uganda Auto guide again. Today in our series of engines, we are going to look the GDI or the Gasoline Direct Injection. …

How to maintain your car paint in Uganda  Not rated yet
I’ve found this to be irritating and I would rather maintain my original car paint to avoid all the mess! So I took an effort to employ some steps to maintain …

How to maintain your D4D car Engine in Uganda  Not rated yet
Am sure many of us have seen Toyota cars specifically SUVs with a tag labeled D4D. However it is no surprise that very few people actually know what that …

What your Anti-Lock Breaking System (abs) EXPLAINED Not rated yet
I have always noticed that many people who drive cars especially the latest models don’t know the meaning of the ABS light that comes on in the dash board. …

How friend nearly lost 11 Million buying a Flash Faulty Car, Toyota Harrier in Uganda Africa.  Not rated yet
A friend of mine Mark (Not real Name) was coming from Sierra Leone and wanted to buy a car before he arrived in the country, He contacted several people …

What could be causing that unusual noise in you car in Uganda? Not rated yet
Engine issues. Noises coming from your engine can sometimes be hard to notice given the regular noise produced by the engine. There are a lot of different …

Bad Driving Habits to Avoid when on Ugandan Roads Not rated yet
Speeding. The faster you drive the higher your chances of getting fatal injuries if you are involved in an accident. Also higher speeds results in reduced …

Taking out Car Insurance in Uganda  Not rated yet
The primary use of motor vehicle insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions …

Uganda Autos Market Research -2014 Not rated yet
The vehicle landscape in Uganda is dominated by used vehicles, imported primarily from Japan, as new vehicles remain unaffordable for most Ugandans. The …

Uganda Autos Market Research -2012 Not rated yet
Uganda's new vehicle market is a tiny fraction of the total autos sector, with second-hand vehicles still the only affordable option for many consumers. …

What could make your car Overheat in Uganda Not rated yet
Radiator. The role of the radiator is to cool the vehicle’s engine. If the radiator is not functioning, your car may be prone to overheat­ing. One of the …

How to Save Energy with Transportation in Africa  Not rated yet
Driving Energy Saving Tips • Avoid idling. Think about it—idling gets you 0 miles per gallon. The best way to warm up a vehicle is to drive it. No …

Common Indicators that your Car Engine is in Trouble when in Uganda Not rated yet
Warning Lights The common lights to watch out for are check oil , oil pressure low and check engine light. If these lights stay lit when you start your …

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Practices That Could Shorten The Life Span of Your Car in Uganda Not rated yet
Not following the recommended maintenance schedule for your car will shorten the life of your car. If you do not follow the schedule, you risk allowing …

Understanding the Wheel Alignment of your car in Uganda Not rated yet
Suspension System: Proper wheel alignment is related to your car’s suspension system. Part of the suspension system involves the linkage of the car …

When Your Engine Is Overheating on Uganda Roads Not rated yet
Pull over. If possible, pull over and turn off your car to allow the engine to cool. Open the hood to allow heat to disperse faster. Do not open …

How To Prevent a Flat Tyre When Driving in Uganda Not rated yet
Keep your Tires Well Inflated. Your tyre pressure should neither be too high or too low. In cases of low or high pressure, the tyres won't be able …

Uganda Car hire purchase/leasing with different service providers Not rated yet
At Tata Uganda Client agrees with vendor on vehicle and lease finance Vendor recommends bank if client does not have preferred bank Proforma …

Uganda taxi, bus and truck drivers to return to driving school, Directive... Not rated yet
By June next year, all taxi, bus and truck drivers must return to driving schools to polish their skills and get their mental health tested, if they want …

Warning Lights To Watch out For on Your Dashboard when driving in Uganda Not rated yet
The handbrake light: If you see this light on ensure that you are not driving with your handbrake engaged. If the handbrake is disengaged and the light …

Uganda O-Man Wheels At Auto Show 2012 Not rated yet
For the motor enthusiasts in Uganda, there has been a good number of auto shows. However, these have mainly been showcasing the latest models of cars and …

Uganda Government to compensate 100billion to displaced families on new Entebbe Highway  Not rated yet
The government has earmarked Shs 100 billion to compensate people who will be displaced by the new Entebbe Highway but fears are emerging that the controversies …

Switzerland's Syngenta to invest USD 500 million in Africa Not rated yet
Switzerland's Syngenta, the world's largest agrochemicals company, plans to invest $500 million in Africa, with a goal of building a business there that …

Uganda Car Care Tips: Looking After Your Car Exterior in Uganda Not rated yet
Protect your car paint from the sun. Protect your car paint by parking in a garage, shade or by using a car cover. Touch up nicks sooner than later. …

$350m Chinese-funded highway in Uganda to start construction in next few months Not rated yet
Construction will begin on a $350m Chinese-funded highway through Uganda in the next six months, according to the Uganda National Roads Authority. The …

New Uganda Buses Could End Traffic Jams in Kampala Not rated yet
Last month, Kampala witnessed the introduction of 100 big, bright orange buses meant to decongest the notoriously busy city. Riders are enthusiastic about …

What you MUST Know before Buying and Importing a Japanese Car Online Not rated yet
8-April-2012 Over a period of two years, Jacob Mulinde saved Shs 8 million to buy a car. As soon as he raised the money, he went on the Internet to …

What you should Know before taking a Boda-Boda in Uganda Not rated yet
25-March-2012 Boda-boda motorcycles are the fastest mode of transportation in Uganda. They are not only swift, but also reliable in times of emergencies …

45 years of the car business in Uganda  Not rated yet
26-Jan-2012 The car is one of the most wonderful inventions of man. And Ugandans did not miss out on enjoying its fun. The first car came to Uganda …

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